DMT 2 - Week of February 10th



You are a video editor for a media production company, and you have taken the assignment of producing a one-minute video to promote one of the following. 

  1. A. The veterinary profession 
  2. B. An animal sanctuary (You may create a name of your choosing.) 
  3. C. A dairy farm (You may create a name of your choosing.) 


You will use video footage provided to you and video editing software to put together a professional one-minute promotional video package containing audio and video. You may not use your own video clips. 


Read all materials thoroughly before starting, including the rubric. 

To produce this project, complete the following steps: 

  • Import clips (media) – Clips used in your video must be from the clips provided. Students should NOT download their own video clips
  • Complete the Organizational Evidence Document as you work through your project. It is important to read the requirements of this document before you begin. 
  • Assemble and complete the rough cut by selecting the portions of the clips that you want to use. 
  • Insert audio into the timeline. Audio may be recorded narrations, music, and/or sound effects. 
  • Add effects to your video where appropriate. This could be titles, generators, transitions, audio effects, and/or video effects that would enhance your video package. 
  • You must include a motion graphic. (The motion graphic must actually move from a point A to point B.) You will be asked to document where the motion graphic was used and explain it in your Organizational Evidence Document. You may use any software available to you to create the motion graphic. 
  • The video should be exactly one minute long. If your video is longer than one minute, you will only be scored on your work from the first minute of the video. 
  • Save the video file in the .mp4 format and name it with your MSIS ID, last name, and first name (ex. 123456789 Smith John) 
  • Your teacher will provide instructions for where to save your project.
  • • Textbooks/resource videos 
  • • Internet 
  • • Computers with appropriate video editing software-one for each student 
  • • A software that will produce a motion graphic 
  • • Headphones 
  • • Student task directions 
  • • Organizational Evidence Document (fillable PDF) for each student 
  • • Rubrics 
  • • Microphone 
  • • Bank of downloaded videos from Google Drive folder