• Week 28

    Course: Automotive Service Technician 1 & 2 



    This week, we shall cover basic systems of automobiles

    in preparation for state tests.


    Some basic IMPORTANT rules: 

    * NO food or drinks in the shop!

    * Masks up!!!

    *Protective footwear only!

    *No dangling strings, wires, hair, or clothing!


    Parents:  Your child signed up for a

    different kind of class - one that has

    specific clothing requirements and

    behavior rules. Your child must

    commit to obeying these rules for

    everyone's safety.


    As this is a hands-on class, virtual learners may

    have days with shortened zoom meetings.  They

    will also have different assignments than in-person

    learners. Please make them keep up with their



    Please go over rules for virtual learners with your child.

    No Visitors, cellphones, or video games!!! Students

    must be visible from tnhe shoulders up, especially during



    Important Information:

    Please make sure your child wears a mask that conforms to school dress

    code and fitment (over the nose & mouth)!


    Grades are always available on line.

    Parents, please have your children keep their

    assignments caught up!  


    Please find pertinent information for your child's academic success using the hyperlinks to the left!


    Mr. Caylor can be reached at robert.caylor@gulfportschools.org