• Week 29


    Course: Automotive Service Technician 1 & 2 


    Units of Study:

    All Units     Begin last 9 weeks on Friday!


    What’s Happening This Week (3/09– 3/13)

    Continue prepping for CPAS state test.  Vehicle work will be greatly reduced until April 22.

    Admiral Academy after school Wednesday & Thursday this week.


    Exams on Tuesday!!



    Parents, please speak to your child about taking notes properly, getting to class on time, being prepared for school every day, and keeping their work area clean for safety's sake.



    Parents, please make sure your child has appropriate footwear, a hardbound writing journal, safety glasses, and something to write with each day!

    Project Guidelines with Due Dates:


    • This week, we shall decrease work in the shop to concentrate on CPAS preparation.  After CPAS testng, we shall be in shop every day working.
    • Homework for the Week: Due to the number of classroom hours alotted, to meet NATEF guidelines, we must complete Todaysclass coursework. Therefore, we shall have on-line homework.



    Important Information: 

    Slides (shoes) are NEVER allowed in my class or shop!!!

    Please pay your Lab Fees ASAP!


    Parents, please look at our schoolwires page for important information and pictures.


    Have a GREAT spring!

    Grades are always available on line.

    Parents, please make sure your children keep their assignments caught up!

    Remember:  All students must be at school every day, on time. Per the syllabus, attendance (daily work grades), punctuality, and PPE are all graded items.

    Please find pertinent information for your child's academic success using the hyperlinks to the left!


    Mr. Caylor can be reached at robert.caylor@gulfportschools.org