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    How can current events impact an author's writing?

             ◊ Students will be able to analyze a complex text to determine how fear manipulates human behavior.

           ◊ Students will be able to identify and use correct grammar (variety of what we have learned so far).

             ◊ Students will be able to find meanings of the vocabulary words in context.

          ◊ Students will be able to find the main idea and the central idea in a complex text.

          ◊ Students will be able to analyze how an author's choice to create mystery, tension, or surprise.

          ◊ Students will be able to deconstruct, revise, and rewrite essays.  

     Topics of Study

        ◊ Perception vs Reality; Identity; Values; Fear/Phobias

    Test Dates


         ◊ Final Essays are due December 10, 2018.

         ◊ Timed Writing December 14, 2018.


       Agenda for Week

          Monday - MugShot #14; Article of the week (due Monday); peer edit classmate's essays; make adjustments; turn in final copy. 

         ◊ Tuesday - Eudlastic practice 2; Article of the week (10 minutes); Poem "I am the Mob"; Milgram Experiment; journal reflection.

         ◊ Wednesday - IXL; AOW (10 Minutes); "Why do people follow the Crowd"; complete "Big Task" organizer; focusing on evidence and good analysis.

         ◊ Thursday - Edulastic practice 3; AOW (10 minutes); "Stanford Prison Experiment"; complete writing chart, claim, supporting evidence and provide reasoning. 

         ◊ Friday - Timed writing using Milgram; Stanford; and Third Wave Experiment, due at the end of class.  



          ◊ My tutoring days are Monday afternoon from 3:35 to 4:30.  Other arrangements may be made by contacting me via email. kristine.wetzel@gulfportschools.org






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