How can current events impact an author's writing?

             ◊ Students will be able to analyze a complex text to determine how fear manipulates human behavior.

           ◊ Students will be able to identify and use correct grammar (a variety of what we have learned so far).

             ◊ Students will be able to find meanings of the vocabulary words in context.

          ◊ Students will be able to find the main idea and the central idea in a complex text.

          ◊ Students will be able to analyze how an author's choice to create mystery, tension, or surprise.

          ◊ Students will be able to deconstruct, revise, and rewrite essays.  


    Topics of Study

        ◊ Perception vs Reality


    Open House is August 29, 2019 at 6:00 pm



       Agenda for Week

          ◊ Monday - MUG Shot #2; Introduction to Icarus and claims/counterclaims. Complete 1-3 for Icarus packet. Introduction of vocabulary words, theme, imagery, mood, claim. 

         ◊ Tuesday - Article of the week #1 due today! Grammar practice; complete items 4-6 on Icarus packet.  Discussing the evidence to back up the claim about the mood of the painting. 

         ◊ Wednesday - Journal #1; a poem of Icarus; Discussion of the painting again as a whole.  

         ◊ Thursday - Musee des Beaux poem, TPCASTT and finish up the Icarus packet. 30% grade.

         ◊ Friday -   Discussion of Perception vs Reality; revisit vocabulary and ensure students have it copied onto their sheets; Pharaoh quick write



          ◊ My tutoring days are Monday afternoon from 3:35 to 4:30.  Other arrangements may be made by contacting me via email. kristine.wetzel@gulfportschools.org