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    State Test is April 23 and 24!!!!!!!!!!!


    Please find links to practice the MAAP test here:




    As we continue on our path to a successful year, please be sure to stay on top of your grades in Power School! Remember the work you do today is crucial in helping you succeed not only in your high school career but also in your work and college/post-graduate careers. You are trailblazers for those who will one day follow in your footsteps. Much will be expected of you inside and outside the classroom.  My expectations have not changed, and they are simple: give your absolute best in everything that you do. Respect yourself and respect others.  Be prepared for a year of hard work and new challenges with the promise of good memories, great laughter, and the ability to do more than you ever believed capable. We still have a long way to go, but we are growing together. Let's keep pushing forward to have a great year.


    Parents, I encourage you to continue to check Power School for your child's grades. We are steadily growing in the classroom by mastering our standards and strengthening your child's critical thinking and reasoning skills. Again, if, at any point, you need assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact me. It is quickest to communicate with me by email at kristine.wetzel@gulfportschools.org; however, I will return phone calls during my planning period or at a time that is convenient for you. I offer after-school tutoring sessions on Wednesdays until 4:30; however, if your student needs additional assistance, please encourage him/her to speak to me as soon as possible and additional arrangements may be made. I am also attaching a link to this site for my in-depth syllabus for more information. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s8-BK-9CmkdO4viUeCNvxb21uYKqaq1h/edit

    Additionally, I am also attaching my honor code contract for my class.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/19Uoh5j_s2yKUOVUdwOBlLBsPMdJjqCq0MBnZqN4-wFU/edit


    Eng II https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VSlf5xOJOYFwVKIlTitlw3t18lp4lOde5xdyFIFWIL0/edit


    Honors Eng II Learning Contract


    ~Mrs. Wetzel 


    Contact Information: 

    Kristine Wetzel

    Email:  kristine.wetzel@gulfportschools.org 

    Phone: 228-896-7525

    Room: 655


    Week’s Focus: Literary Structure

    Unit Focus: All That Glitters

    Subject and Level: Honors Eng II 

    Time Frame: April 8-12, 2024

    Lesson Essential Questions

    Whole-Class Learning 

    • What does it mean to live a life of luxury?

    Small-Group Learning 

    • Is it wrong to want more than you have or more than you can afford? 

    Performance-Based Assessment

    • Could a person be happy if he/she possessed only what was necessary to live and nothing more? 

    Standards and Objectives:

    MS College and Career Readiness Standards

    RI 1.2

    Concept Vocabulary, Word Study: Denotation and Connotation (L.9–10.5, 5.b)

    Literary Style (RL.9–10.5; RL.9–10.1)

    Conventions: Sentence Structure (L.9–10.1, 1.b)

    Writing to Compare: Explanatory Essay (W.9–10.2; W.9)

    Student Centered Objectives:

    The Student will….

    1. Evaluate short stories for theme and author’s purpose

    2. Evaluate an author’s literary commentary on social themes within the text

    3. Expand your knowledge and use of academic and concept vocabulary.

    4. Write a one-page literary analysis

    5. Use figurative language, connotations, and denotation to convey meaning and add variety and interest to your writing and presentations.


    Informative Text: paradox, chronicle, allocate, deduce, primary

    “The Necklace”: refinement, suppleness, exquisite, gallantries, resplendent, homage

    “Civil Peace”: 

    Academic Terms: Situational irony, Structure, Thematic Ideas


    Monday: 4.8.24

    • Bell-ringer: MAAP Practice #6

    • Procedures:

      • Students will work on the close-read questions throughout the text (4); class discussion to follow

      • Students will work on Analysis Assignments posted on Google Classroom

      • Revisit Literary Skills- (Irony & Structure); students complete the assignment on p. 383

      • Students will complete Analyze the Text questions

    • Closure: Reflect on the List- did any of the items require close thought?

    • Assessment: Formative – teacher observation and questioning.


    Tuesday: 4.9.24

    • Bell-ringer: Review MAAP Practice

    • Anticipatory: YouTube film 

    • Procedures:

      • Review elements of narrative writing

      • Narrative Writing Assignment-students will complete in class on Mastery Connect

    • Closure: Students will update the ESSENTIAL QUESTION chart

    • Assessment: Formative – teacher observation and questioning.

    Wednesday: 4.10.24

    • Bell-ringer: Journal Writing 

    • Procedures:

      • Introduce Chinua Achebe & the Nigerian Civil War

        • Students will read “background information” and “about the author” 

      • YouTube Video: Achebe

      • Vocabulary lesson for “Civil Peace”

        • Students will preview how the vocabulary is being used in the text and make an educated guess of its definition using context clues. 

        • Students will preview all vocabulary terms and predict the story’s plot.

      • Students will read/annotate “Civil Peace”, focusing on thematic ideas and character development.

      • Complete Comprehension Questions p. 395

    • Closure: brief class discussion 

    • Assessment: Formative – teacher observation and questioning.

    Thursday: 4.11.24

    • Bell-ringer: Students will complete the close-read questions 

    • Procedures:

      • Analyze the Text p. 396

      • Analyze Craft & Structure p. 397

      • Students will revisit the plot diagram and discuss essential components of the story

    • Closure: Students will update the ESSENTIAL QUESTION chart

    • Homework:  Structure Chart

    Friday:  4.12.24

    • TEST DAY


    Analysis Assignment

    Module 13: “Civil Peace” 














          ◊My tutoring days are Wednesday afternoons from 3:40 to 4:30.  I am available every morning before school for tutoring as well; however, prior notification is needed.   I have cafeteria duty for the second nine weeks and will not be available in the mornings. Other arrangements after school may be made by contacting me via email. kristine.wetzel@gulfportschools.org

    "You are only as good as you allow yourself to be!" - Anonymous 



    • If your child has a minor infraction in my class, there is a discipline ladder that is listed on my syllabus.
    • Detention will be the first step for any minor infraction the student receives in my class. Detention will be held the same day as my tutoring day, Wednesday, from 3:40 to 4:40. I am available every morning before school for detention as well; however, prior notification is needed.  I have cafeteria duty for the second nine weeks and will not be available in the mornings. Other arrangements after school may be made by contacting me via email. kristine.wetzel@gulfportschools.org