How can current events impact narratives?

             ◊ Students will be able to analyze a complex text to determine perception vs reality affects human behavior.

           ◊ Students will be able to identify and use correct grammar (a variety of what we have learned so far).

             ◊ Students will be able to find meanings of the vocabulary words in context.

          ◊ Students will be able to find the main idea and the central idea in a complex text.

          ◊ Students will be able to analyze how an author's choice to create mystery, tension, or surprise.

          ◊ Students will be able to deconstruct, revise, and rewrite essays.  


    Topics of Study

        ◊ Perception vs Reality; Defining Success


    Important information


    Test: 9 weeks exam - week of October 7-10

    Personal narrative essay 70% grade due 10/04/19


       Agenda for Week

          ◊ Monday - Breakdown/review questions pertaining to RL/RI.10.2, RL/RI.10.1; differences between narrative and expository 

         ◊ Tuesday - Review RL/RI.10.5; Expository vs Narrative continued

         ◊ Wednesday - Remediation Quiz, Narrative prompt is given, Complete plot diagram of personal narrative; begin drafting personal narrative essay (70%). 

         ◊ Thursday - MAAP review question; Breakdown of what is expected in the personal narrative, review of the MAAP writing rubric; revising draft of personal narrative. Teacher conferences on writing.

         ◊ Friday -  Eduastic Practice-narratives; Final of the essay due today at the end of class.



          ◊ My tutoring days are Monday afternoon from 3:35 to 4:30.  Other arrangements may be made by contacting me via email. kristine.wetzel@gulfportschools.org


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