Gulfport High


    Course: AP US Government Unit of Study:Federalism and Redistricting                                                                                  Gulfport High School

    It's December!  All makeup work is due this week. Check your grades and clear up any confusion now! 

    What’s Happening This Week:

    What are your rights at US citizens?
    How are your civil liberties protected?
    What happens when public interest and
    individual liberties clash?

    WEEK: 17 Civil Liberties and Review
    Understanding civil liberties is an important concept
    in any social studies class, yet it holds particular
    significance in government classes. This topic
    connects to the world beyond the classroom in that
    the students are seniors who are at or approaching
    voting age. The unit will help students to learn and
    make decisions about the importance of civil liberties
    in their own lives as voting citizens in America. Civil
    liberties are also important for students entering
    adulthood to know and understand so that they are
    aware of their rights. Understanding the relationship
    between individual liberties and public interest will
    help students to function as active and informed
    citizens in the United States.





    • Weekly Assignments and Due Dates: Test Friday. All podcasts and online quizzes due Friday.