Gulfport High


    Course: AP US Government                                                                                   Gulfport High School


    Students will continue to engage in a debate between the Federalists and
    Anti-Federalists. Many key texts will be examined: The Articles of
    Confederation and the Constitution as well as Federalists and Antifederalist papers.They will synthesize

    the debate over marijuana law enforcement into their discussion, with special emphasis on the cases Wickard 

    v. Filburn, U.S. v Lopez, and Gonzales v. Raich.


    Students will examine sevaral founding documents including the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, 

    Federalist Papers 10 and 51 and Anti-Federalist paper Brutus I.




    • Weekly Assignments and Due Dates: Test Friday. All podcasts and online quizzes due Friday.