Glen East, Superintendent
    Dr. Mike Tatum, Assistant Superintendent
    Lea Bellon, Director of Instructional Programs
    Dana Fleming, Chief Financial Officer 
    Tom Hardaway, Chief Operations Officer

    Bryan Caldwell, Athletic Director
    Dr. Tracy Daniel-Hardy, Director of Technology

    David Fava, Director of Career and Technical Education
    Sarah Crenshaw, Child Nutrition Coordinator
    Velma Johnson, Federal Programs Coordinator 
    Jennifer Moak, Director of Special Services


    John Barnett, Anniston Elementary School
    Tess Lawrence, Bayou View Elementary School
    Aaron Diaz, Central Elementary School
    Shawn Butler, Gaston Point Elementary School
    Simone Fairley, Pass Road Elementary School
    Angela August, Twenty-Eighth Street Elementary School
    Joshua Lindsey, West Elementary School
    Jonathan Dill, Bayou View Middle School
    Dr. Patricia Moss, Gulfport Central Middle School
    Mike Lindsey, Gulfport High School
    Dr. Oswago Harper, Gulfport High School - 9th Grade 
    Tim Bellipanni, The Learning Center 



    Jamie Parker, Anniston Elementary School
    Dr. Heather Chesman, Bayou View Elementary School
    Dr. Lawanda Thornton, Central Elementary School
    Dr. Josh Bressler, Pass Road Elementary School
    Elizabeth Massey, West Elementary School
    Robin Auringer, 28th Street Elementary School
    Jeenna Brunn, Bayou View Middle School
    Tiffany Webb, Bayou View Middle School
    Ryan Renfrow, Gulfport Central Middle School
    Kimberly Herbert, Gulfport Central Middle School 
    Paul Correro, Gulfport High School
    Wendi Husley, Gulfport High School
    Nikki Witherspoon, The Learning Center