Gulfport  High


    Course: Algebra I           Angela Estrada         Term 1   


     Unit of Study: Linear Equations and Inequalities


    What's Happening This Week:  August 19-23, 2019


     Weekly Assignments and Due Dates:

    Monday: Multi-Step Linear Equations (including No Solutions and Infinitely Many Solutions)

    Tuesday: IXL On-Line Diagnostic Testing

    Wednesday: Solving Literal Equations

    Thursday   Station Rotations with Groups- Creating and Solving Real-World Equations                 

    Friday:   1. Graphing Calculator Technology  2. Mixed Practice Quiz 2


    Mini- Project Activity with Due Dates:  N/A


    Test Dates:  Friday, September 23rd- Quiz 2 


    Monday:   Linear Equations and Inequalities       

    Tuesday:  IXL Diagnostic Testing

    Wednesday: Literal Equations

    Thursday:    Literal Equations or Real-World Equation Applications 

    Friday:     N/A  





    Regular Term 1 Tutoring and Make-Up Testing Schedule: 


    • Mornings- Monday through Friday at 8:00
    • Afternoon tutorial is held every Wednesday afternoon from 3:35 - 4:30.


    • Make-Up Tests: (in my room)
    • Wednesday afternoons
    • If the quiz or test cannot be taken at this time, the student will need to make arrangements with me for a morning make-up assessment at 7:30.  I will need to be informed the day before.