Gulfport  High


    Course: Algebra I           Angela Estrada         Term 2   


     Unit of Study: Functions


    What's Happening This Week:  October 21-25, 2019 


    Weekly IXL On-Line Lessons:

    Under the Algebra 1 Tab

     To Be Assigned Monday, Oct. 21st

    Due Monday, Oct. 28th, by 7 a.m.

    1.  Q.5- Identify functions-vertical line test

    2.  Q.7- Evaluate a function.



     Weekly Assignments and Due Dates:

    Monday:   ACT Aspire Review

    Tuesday: 9th Grade ACT Aspire Test (a.m.);   Group Creations of Functions Review using Kahoot (p.m. classes)

    Wednesday:  9th Grade ACT Aspire Test (a.m.); Group Creations of Functions Review using Kahoot (p.m.)

    Thursday: 1. Recap of the Functions Unit 2. Using Slope as a Rate of Change 

    Friday:   1. Introduction of the Average Rate of Change  2.  Quiz 4


    Mini- Project Activity with Due Dates:  N/A


    Test Dates: 9th Grade ACT Aspire Test (Tuesday and Wednesday a.m.); Quiz 4- Friday, Oct.25th 


    Monday:   Analyzing Linear/Non-Linear Functions Handout (Assigned last Friday and Due Thursday) and IXL

    Tuesday:  Analyzing Linear/Non-Linear Functions Handout (Due Thursday) and IXL Lessons

    Wednesday: IXL; Analyzing Linear/Non-Linear Functions Handout is due tomorrow.

    Thursday:   Slope WS if Incomplete; Study for Quiz 4.

    Friday:     IXL Lessons are due Monday by 7 a.m.





    Regular Term 2 Tutoring and Make-Up Testing Schedule: 


    • Mornings- Monday through Friday (Between 7:30-7:55 due to Term 2 Morning Duty)
    • Afternoon tutorial is held every Wednesday afternoon from 3:35 - 4:30.


    • Make-Up Tests: (in my room)
    • Wednesday afternoons
    • If the quiz or test cannot be taken at this time, the student will need to make arrangements with me for a morning make-up assessment. I will need to be informed the day before.