Gulfport  High


    Course: Algebra I           Angela Estrada         Term 2 


      Unit of Study:  Linear Functions


    What's Happening:   Oct. 26-30, 2020   


     Weekly Assignments and Due Dates:

    MondayThree Week Common Assessment (MPT 3)

    Tuesday- Station Rotations (Linear Equation Applications); Make-Up Testing

    Wednesday- Linear Equation Applications

    Thursday- Solving Compound Inequalities and Graphing

    Friday- Absolute Value Inequalities


    Upcoming Test Dates Monday, October 26th- MPT 3 (Major Assessment)


    Daily Homework (Monday through Friday)

     Monday- None

     Tuesday- Make- Up Work

     Wednesday- Linear Applications (Additional Practice)

     Thursday- Solving Compound Inequalities and Graphing (Additional Practice)

     Friday-  Absolute Value Inequalities if Incomplete




    After School Tutorial: Every Monday afternoon until 4:30


    The weekly Monday After School Zoom link for Virtual Learners is found on their Google Classroom page.