Gulfport  High


    Course: Algebra I           Angela Estrada         Term 3   


     Unit of Study:  Quadratic Functions and Equations

    (A.REI.4.a-b, A.SSE.1,2, and 3.b., and F.IF.7a  )


    What's Happening This Week:  February 18- 22, 2019
    Reminder:  IXL Assignments due Monday, February 18th by 8am    
    1.  Alg. 1: BB.1- Characteristics of quadratic functions
    2.  Alg. 1: BB.7- Solve a quadratic equation by factoring.
    3.  Alg. 1: BB.10- Solve a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula.
    *Turn in work with grades.
    New Weekly IXL Assigments:  
    • To Be Assigned Monday, Feb. 18th
    • Due the Following Monday, Feb. 25th, by 8 a.m.:
    1.  Alg. 1: BB.8- Complete the square.
    2.  Alg. 1: BB.9- Solve a quadratic equation by completing the square.
    3.  Alg. 1: BB.11- Using the Discriminant

    Weekly Assignments and Due Dates:

    Monday:  Solving Real-World Problems using Quadratic Applications and Area Models

    Tuesday: Solving Real-World Problems using Quadratic Applications and Area Models; IXL

    Wednesday: Transforming Quadratic Functions in Standard Form to Vertex Form by Completing the Square; Sketching its Graph to Reveal Maximum or Minimum Vertex

    Thursday:  MPQ 8 Review; Vertex Form of Parabolas and  Sketching its Graph to Reveal Maximum or Minimum Vertex

    Friday:   Mixed Practice Quiz 8 and  IXL Lessons

    Mini- Project Guidelines with Due Dates:  N/A


     Test Dates:   Quiz  8, Friday, Feb. 22nd 


     Homework: IXL lessons are due each Monday by 8. Students are given a week to complete the work on-line. (See above for lessons)

    Monday: Applications of Quadratics; IXL

    Tuesday: IXL and Incomplete Class Work

    Wednesday: Vertex Form of Parabolas

    Thursday:  IXL and Study for Quiz 8

    Friday:   Incomplete IXL Lessons (due Monday by 8 am)



        Term 3 Tutoring Schedule: 

    • Mornings- Monday through Friday at 8:00
    • Afternoon tutorial will be held every Wednesday afternoon from 3:35 - 4:30.
    • Reminder: *The GHS tutorial bus will take students home from afternoon tutoring on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons.