• French 1: Week of October 21, 2019


    • Continue unit on describing physical and personality characteristics
    • Continue practicing the verb ETRE "to be" conjugation in the present tense
    • Start Family Unit on Wednesday
    • Students will be creating a presentation (PPT, Google Drive, etc.) on their Family or a fictitious Family that they will present to the class entirely in French. This will be due by the end of next week (students will sign up for presentation times)

    We will have a test this Friday on adjectives and ETRE.

    Homework is to review what is covered in class each day. If we start an activity in class and don't finish, I will ask the students to complete it for homework. Students will be given the following link to access flash card activities to review vocabulary and topics covered in class: https://quizlet.com/join/hxUSyZuHv

    Here is a link to a PPT that covers several adjectives and their feminine and masculine forms.

    Adjectives PPT

    French 3: Week of October 21, 2019


    • We will cover an AP test theme: Gender inequality 
    • Complete listening and reading activities in textbook
    • Students will have the opportunity to express themselves in French during several discussion activities comparing our culture to other world cultures
    • Grammar: perfect and imperfect tense, adjectival agreement, comparatives and superlatives, and modal verbs

    We will have a TEST this Friday.