• French 1: Week of August, 19 2019


    • Spelling using the French Alphabet
    • Numbers 1-20
    • Subject pronouns
    • Definite and indefinite articles
    • School supply vocabulary
    • AVOIR "to have"
    • Expressing and asking age

    Homework is to review what is covered in class each day. If we start an activity in class and don't finish, I will ask the students to complete it for homeowork. I am in the process of uploading students to a review website and they will each be given a unique login to practice at home. 

    There will be a QUIZ this Friday.

    French 3: Week of August 19, 2019


    • Work in textbook THEMES: Unit 1
    • Complete listening and reading activities in textbook
    • Students will have the opportunity to express themselves in French during several discussion activities comparing our culture to other world cultures
    • Grammar review

    There will be a test this Friday.