• ****TUTORING IS ON WEDNESDAYS--> 3:45-4:30pm****

    TERM 1 WEEK 3



    *catch up with Commonlit & Edgenuity assignments 

    HOMEWORK: none IF all assignments are completed. If not, complete those assignments 


    *review "The Necklace" for characterization & thematic ideas 

    *Edgenuity lesson on "Daughter of Invention"  

    HOMEWORK:  finish reading "Daughter of Invention" and annotating in Kami--GRADED ASSIGNMENT


    *finish Edgenuity lesson on "Daughter of Invention" 

    *take quiz on "Daughter of Invention"

    *begin reading "Scarlet Ibis" 

      HOMEWORK:  none 


     *read "Scarlet Ibis"

     HOMEWORK:  none  


    *read "Scarlet Ibis"

    *virtual group work on characterization, symbols, theme

    *class presentations on white boards for "Scarlet Ibis" 

    *Google Classroom writing assignment 

    HOMEWORK:  finish writing assignment