Monday: Mugshot 11, BQM modification (SOAPStone), THE CRUCIBLE

    Tuesday: Act 1--THE CRUCIBLE

    Wednesday: Act 1--THE CRUCIBLE

    Thursday: Literary Analysis of Act 1--Themes emerging

    Friday: BQM Article #2 is due




    Monday: Mugshot 11, BQM modification (SOAPStone), AUGUST HEAT

    Tuesday: AUGUST HEAT plus analysis

    Wednesday: Close reading questions

    Thursday: A ROSE FOR EMILY plus analysis

    Friday: A ROSE FOR EMILY plus analysis



    Monday: Tweaking pages

    Tuesday: Contest choices--Poster Design and TIKTOK

    Wednesday: 2nd deadline assignments

    Thursday: Student internships

    Friday: Student internships

  • Jessica Lopez


    Mrs. Jessica Lopez

    Bachelor's---Mass Communication/Print Journalism---1991

    McNeese State University (Lake Charles, Louisiana)

    Master's---Theatre Arts---1997

    University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, North Dakota)

    Specialist's---Curriculum and Instruction---2014

    Liberty University (Lynchburg, Virginia)

    National Board Certified Teacher

    English Language Arts - Secondary


    I am eager to meet each of you and get start on what promises to be an exciting and challenging year.

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