Marshall Polson Art I

Mr. Polson
  • Hello parents.  While we are not meeting in light of the corona virus crisis, all class assignments will be posted on my google classroom. Your child has been emailed an invitation to join my classroom. Another way to join is to go to  At the top of the page click Add +, then Join class.  Enter the class code:

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    Art I

    Objectives for the week: TLW... Create several drawings in one point perspective

    Unit of Study: Linear Perspective

    Monday: Perspective Packet, Quiz, and Drawing Project

    Tuesday:  Perspective Packet, Quiz,and Drawing Project

    Wednesday:  Perspective Packet, Quiz,and Drawing Project

    Thursday:  Perspective Packet, Quiz,and Drawing Project

    Friday:  Perspective Packet, Quiz,and Drawing Project

    What's happening this week?

    Project guidelines with due dates:  Perspective Packet, Quiz, and Drawing Project : 3/27

    Test dates:

     Perspective Quiz : 3/27

    Homework for the week: Study Vocab