• Hello all!

    What an adventure this year is shaping up to be! I am looking forward to working with your kids this semester... in whatever capacity that may be! I currently have almost as many virtual students as I do traditional! While it is not easy to manage all the new challenges, I am dedicated to helping your children through this. Like most other courses on campus, Art 1 is using the Edgenuity platform as part of the curriculum this year. It covers a variety of topics related to Art, and meets the State framework guidelines set forth for High School Art Eduction. We will of course also be doing our usual studio based work with some tweaks to make it accessible in a distance learning situation. The Art Department is doing our best to be prepared in the event any student, or the entire school for that matter, should be told to go Virtual. Please bare with me if you find that I have flubbed up an online link or presented material that is confusing. I have been an Art teacher for more than 20 years, but virtual education is an all new world for me! Believe me when I say, EVERYDAY I look for ways to make it better for my students, work to correct my mistakes, and find ways to connect the content with my students in a way that they can benefit from. Some things are going to be more challenging than others, some things are going to be more fun than others. Ultimately, in the end it is my goal to see all my students come out the other side of this tunnel with some good times to remember as well as their Art credit that is required for graduation.

    My email: laura.pecoul@gulfportschools.org

    Please contact me anytime,

    Laura Pecoul




    Virtual students are expected to attend class at the same time as it appears on their schedule. Be on time.

    Students need to be working on their classwork all of that scheduled period, or they will not be able to complete their assignments.

    Details for every assignment as well as videos, handouts, and other information is found in their Google Classroom.

    For my class, ZOOM meeting are not everyday. They are scheduled for at least once a week and typically do not last long. The scheduled date will always be posted in Google Classroom in advance. The link is also there. Art ZOOM meetings are primarily so that students can ask me questions face to face. I ask that students are present with their face visible for all scheduled meetings.Students may also click the link anytime they would like to initiate a zoom session from their end. They can also email me any questions they have.



    (in this order):

    1. Go to Google Classroom

    2. Answer the Attendance Question. (this is VERY important, they will be marked absent or skipping if this not done)

    3. Review Weekly Agenda (check for changes to agenda each day as things can be added throughout the week)

    4. Check ZOOM tab to see if there is a scheduled meeting.

    5. Go to EDGENUITY link and work for 40-60 minutes on your Edgenuity lessons. Assignment specifics are listed in the weekly agenda.(This program tracks their presence, and you can request a session log anytime!)

    6. Go to the DIGITAL SKETCHBOOK tab in Google Classroom and check your daily drawing prompt. If an assignment is there, use some of your classtime to create thoughtful work to put in your digital sketchbook.

    7. Take a pic of your daily sketchbook work finished or not, and upload it into your digital sketchbook. Make sure you date your entry and follow all directions for posting your work.



    Virtual students will receive daily grades as well as assessment grades in the same manner as my traditional students.

    Scores will come from completed Edgenuity Lessons, Unit Tests, and Digital Sketchbook Entries and Projects.



    Students who are registered as Virtual before Sept. 7 will not pay the Art Lab Fee required of Traditional students.

    Virtual students are responsible for their own supplies. A basic supply list is posted in Google Classroom.

    Students who have spent time in the traditional classroom but go virtual after Sept. 7 are responsible for paying their lab fee.

    The Art Lab Fee is $15

    The Ceramics Lab Fee is $20

    You may use the online payment system found under the PARENT tab on the Gulfportschools.org website or you can send cash or check with your student to give to me. I will issue a receipt and turn in their fees to the bookeeper.