• Symphonic Band

    February 4-8, 2019

    This week we are continuing on our journey towards being better musicians.  I am enjoying reading and learning new music with you.  Let's try this week to all be in our seats at least 5 minutes prior to the bell.  Duing that time, practice one or two sections of your music that give you trouble.  This will greatly improve the quality of our ensemble. 

    Here are the things you will need to be successful:

    Your instrument (in working order)


    All Music passed out to you

    Your folder

    A great attitude 


    Music Covered This Week:


    Rippling Watercolors



    Pass-Off: No Pass-Off this week


    Scale Focus: 

    Concert A Major



    Concert Band Camp is February 23-24.  Please make sure this is on your calendar and you are prepared to b e present for the entire event.



    No performances coming at the moment.  Stay tuned! 

  • Jazz Band


    Welcome!  I am excited to go on this journey of exploring jazz with you!

    As we progress throught the year, we will learn the different components of jazz and hopefully become well-rounded in our musicianship.


    This week:

    We will continue in our Advanced Jazz Method Book and continue to add music to our repertoire to build our set list of the Jazz Fest!



    Let's listen to at least one jazz tune each day this week.  You decide what and who, but make sure you listen!  It will improve our style immensely!