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Dr. Bill Greb

Every Decision. What is Best for Children? Every Time.

Welcome to Bayou View Middle School, home of the Vikings! At Bayou View Middle School, our teachers, support staff, and administration strive to provide personal attention to each student. We believe every individual is important and it is our goal to ensure that every student has the greatest opportunity to be successful in life and to become a productive citizen.

The idea that “Success is the only option” is not just a catch phrase for me. I work to this end on a daily basis and results have met with great success. This success has come to fruition through communication and leadership efforts to instill belief among students, teachers, staff and families that we can and will fulfill our district mission and goals. To do this, I personally believe there are four critical components that must be at the forefront; respect, relationships, relevance, and rigor.  Respect is the corner stone of a nurturing learning environment. Sound teacher-student relationships are extremely important. Sound relationships provide the teacher with knowledge to connect with the individual student and gain the trust of the student that the teacher truly cares for and has a vested interest in their future. Relevance in learning for students is essential. Relevance enables the student to connect current learning to future goals and dreams. It provides the basis for a student to take ownership of “their education.” Maintaining high standards of rigor is absolutely necessary. Rigor ensures that all students will strive to their full potential.  

It is truly an honor to serve the students and families of Gulfport Schools. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. My phone number is (228) 865-4633 or stop in to see me in person. Thanks for all of your help and your continued support of Bayou View Middle School.