Students are given a list of project ideas for the last nine weeks.  They  must do 2 a week to get  an A.  

         At the bottom each slide where they  place their work is a short written reflection space.

    they  must date and number your projects.

    4th 9-Weeks Grading


    From the Art Choice Board:

    4 – 18 or more

    3 – 15 to 17

    2 – 10 to 15

    1 – 5 to 9

    .5 – 1 to 4

    0 - 0


    Stray Marks Design



    Start with only a few stray marks and create something from those marks.

    Paint a Season


    Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter

    Mix Tape Draw Along


    Listen to 4-5 of your favorite songs.  While they play, make marks and use colors that represent the songs



    Make a painting with only dots. NO BRUSH STROKES!

    Dream Drawing


    Draw, in color, a dream.



    Re-create a famous painting using values of ONE color.

    CANNOT be monochromatic from the start.

    Rainy Day


    Draw or paint a rainy day.

    Relaxation Design


    How do you relax? Draw or paint your way of relaxing.

    Mandala Design


    Create a radial design and paint or color

    Cut Paper Design


    Create a design using cut paper only.

    Fingernail Art


    Create designs on your fingernails.

    Superhero Portrait


    Draw yourself as a superhero.

    Melted Crayon Art


    Create a design using melted crayons.

    Dream Catcher


    Make a Dream Catcher using sticks, vines, string.

    Card for a Friend


    NOT a ‘get well’, but rather a ‘have a great day’

    Reflection Art


    Create a drawing / painting of only reflections.

    Micro Art


    3”x5” or smaller

    Egg Painting


    Boiled or Blown-out ONLY!!


    Real egg!

    Light Switch Art


    Design a creative switch plate

    Famous Micro


    Recreate a famous painting only on a smaller scale

    Cake Design


    Draw (or bake) a decorated cake

    Customized Shoes


    Draw or paint a customized PAIR of shoes.

    Match Sculpture


    Create a sculpture using toothpicks only

    Clothing Design


    Create a set of custom clothing. Pant/Shirt/Shoe

    Wire Sculpture


    Create a sculpture using small gauge wire.