• Lesson plans are subject to change based on students learning and performance. 

  • Lesson plans 1.6 Math (September 16-20)


    Monday -- 

    RCC Lesson 6

    Students will receive notes and have guided practice identifying functions. 

    Homework  -- practice with pre-requisite skills need for success with functions from RCC Teacher toolbox.


    Tuesday -- 

    Students will continue working with functions and have guided practice and  independent practice identifying functions.  

    Homework -- Students will receive practice work for Skills on DCA 1.2


    Wednesday -- 

    Students will complete District Common Assessment 1.2


    Thursday -- 

    RCC Lesson 6

    Students will receive notes and have guided practice on Comparing Functions. 

    Wkbk pages 58-62 


    Friday -- 

    RCC Lesson 6 

    Students will continue to work with comparing functions with work from Teacher toolbox. 




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