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     Week of November 27 Bacteria


    Bayou View Middle School - Weekly Lesson Plan

      • Week of:  November 27-December 1, 2023
      • Teacher: Gillenwater/ M. Lee
      • Project Due: InstaGerm due Friday at start of class
      • Essential Question:   What is the structure and function of living things?
      • Target Question:  What are bacteria? Identify if bacteria are more helpful or harmful?
      • Weekly Objectives:    
        •  L.6.1.1 Use argument supported by evidence in order to distinguish between living and non-living things, including viruses and bacteria
        • L.6.1.3 Develop and use models to explain how specific cellular components (cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, chloroplast, vacuole, and mitochondria) function together to support the life of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms to include plants, animals, fungi, protists, and bacteria (not to include biochemical function of cells or cell part).

    Monday 11-27

    For bell work students will define vocabulary.  In class, students will take guided notes on Bacteria.

    Tuesday 11-28

    Procedure: For bell work, students will complete an article title “What are Germs?” and complete questions based on the article.  In class, students will take students will watch the Flocabulary Video on Bacteria.

    Wednesday 11-29

    Procedure: Students will conduct a WebQuest on their assigned bacteria.  Once they finish the WebQuest students will start working on their InstaGerm poster.

    Thursday 11-30

    Procedure:  Students will use their WebQuest to create a poster for InstaGerm.  Homework: will be to complete InstaGerm.

    Friday 12-1  InstaGerm Poster due

     Procedure: For bell work, students will complete Flocabulary Bacteria, InstaGerm project.      For classwork, students will investigate  how  pathogens spread in an activity that demonstrates   spreading of pathogens.