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                     Week of November 28, 2022 Symbiosis


    Bayou View Middle School - Weekly Lesson Plan

      • Week of:  November 28, - December 2, 2022
      • Teacher: Kidd/ M. Lee
      • Essential Question:  What factors interact and cause an effect on an organism’s population or its ecosystem’s health?
      • Target Question:      What are limiting factors and how do they affect population growth?
      • Weekly Objectives:  
        • L.6.3 Students will demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between survival, environmental changes, and diversity as they relate to the interactions of organisms, populations, and the environment.
        • L.6.3.4 Investigate organism interactions in a competitive or mutually beneficial relationship (predation, competition, cooperation, or symbiotic relationships

    Monday 11/28

    Procedure: For bell work, students will read expectations for outside activity.  For classwork, students will participate in a game of “Oh Deer” in which they are deer in search of food, water, or shelter.  As they search, they will encounter different limiting factors such as drought, fire, hunters, or cars that will cause the deer population to decline.    

    Tuesday 11/29

    Procedure: For bell work, students will read an article on symbiosis and answer text-based questions.  For classwork, students will watch the Study James symbiosis video clip and take guide notes on symbiosis.


    Wednesday 11/30

    Procedure: For bell work, students read the rubric for the Symbiotic Want Ad.  For classwork, students will research a symbiotic relationship between their animal or in their biome.  

    Thursday 12/1

    Procedure:  For class today, students will finish Symbiotic Want Ad.


    Friday 12/2

    Procedure: For bell work, complete a review activity on symbiosis. For classwork, students will take guided notes on food chains and food webs.  They will create a food chain with that includes their animal.