• Lessons Plans for the Week of May 11th - May 15th

     Teachers email:  michael.quintero@gulfportschools.org



    Google Classroom Codes

    GCMS 6th Grade:  mj3xefm

    GCMS 7th Grade:  ogiks4t

    BVMS 4th Period:  voswysh

    BVMS 5th Period:  dnf7oqa

    BVMS 6th Period:  36cmxb6

    BVMS 7th Period:  4huyr4c 


    Mr. Quintero is available to answer all questions in google classroom and emails Monday - Thursday 8am to 3pm.


    All grades:

    I have put a video in the STREAM of your Google Classroom explaining how to submit work in a google doc.

    If you have any questions about an assignment, please ask it in the comments of that assignment.


    This weeks assignment is in google classroom.  This week is 9-weeks exams.  Your exam is in google classroom.  You may pick up a paper copy at school on distribution day, Tuesday May 12th.



    9-Weeks Exam