This week in ICT I we will:

    Monday, September 16th - Typing Today!  New lesson AKB 9 & 10!  Due Thursday!

    Tuesday, September 17th - Another Career Report!  Comparing/Contrasting two careers in the Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security career cluster!

    Wednesday, September 18th - Typing, Typing Hands Project, or finishing career report from yesterday!

    Thursday, September 19th - Typing Hands Project due today!   

    Friday, September 20th - ST Math! 

    Next week in ICT I we will:

    Monday, September 23rd - We are going to start working in Coding.org

    Tuesday, September 24th - Problem Solving Activity

    Wednesday, September 25th - Catch up on Typing or Coding.org

    Thursday, September 26th - Catch up on Typing or Coding.org

    Friday, September 27th - ST Math!