• 4th 9-Weeks Lessons

           4th 9-Weeks Lessons


    LAST FULL WEEK OF SCHOOL!! ALL projects must be complete this week!!!!!!!!! 

     Students have been given a list of 25 different projects to choose from (Art Choice Board), however, they may choose ANY type or style of art to produce.  They must include at least 5 Elements OR Principles within their designs.

    In order to score a 4, students must produce 18 projects over the 9-weeks.

    In order to score a 3, students must prodce 15-17 projects

    In order to score a 2, 10-14

    In order to score a 1, 5-9

    In order to score a .5, 1-4

    0 = 0


    Progress Reports were based on 1/2 of the above requirements.

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  • Google classroom codes


    Lessons for the upcoming weeks will be posted through Google Classroom.


    Codes for each class are as follows:

    2nd period - mjxbcdn

    3rd period - vkvk4lf

    4th period - 426esif

    5th period - hekrbot

    6th period - hdxqfib

    7th period - 3qir7bn





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