• Week of February 17th


    Monday: Turn Uniforms In ASAP! Every day after last Tuesday was another .5 deduction from your uniform grade (turning it in tomorrow will result in a maximum score of 2.00).

    Also, 3-5:30 is King Cake pick-up from the second order we placed.



    LOOKING AHEAD: March 19th (Thursday) we will be traveling to Biloxi Upper Elementary for the ASBDA Pre-Fest.


    1. The students will continue to work on the fundamentals of their instrument through the warm-up procedure.

    2. We will work toward a unified ensemble sound while working to be in better control of our tempo.

    3. We will work on Silver level rudiments as a supplement to our warm-up procedures. 

    4. We will continue to work on Destiny Fanfare, Amazing Grace, and Counterbalance as a part of our concert festival preparations.

    5. We are learning how to focus and to make intentional detailed decisions in real time.



    If you have any questions/concerns/conflicts with any of this information or performance dates, please email me at jimi.brown@gulfportschools.org.