• Week of February 18-22


    GPT Rehearsals Monday 4-7,  Thursday 5-6:30

    CONCERT BAND CAMP is this coming Saturday from 9am - 3pm. This is a required event. Make sure to bring your tuxedos/concert dresses some time this week to ensure it's for you to take your formal concert band picture.



    1. The students will continue to work on the fundamentals of their instrument through the warm-up procedure.

    2. We will continue to work toward ensemble preparedness where sight-reading is concerned.

    3. We will work on Bronze level Scales/spelling them/terms and counting.

    4. We will continue to work on 'Into The Wolves' Den' along with reading a new piece entitled 'Gadget'.

    5. We are learning how to focus and to make intentional detailed decisions in real time.



    If you have any questions/concerns/conflicts with any of this information or performance dates, please email me at jimi.brown@gulfportschools.org.