Please use Google Classroom for all assignments. The workouts are posted on the google classroom site. The code for Google Classroom is cmpz7cj

    Also watch the youtube video on proper handwashing to make sure we stay safe out there.

    This weeks videos and questions come from MLB batting order and baseball postions. Also there is a video to watch on how to prevent sports related injuries.




    4/27 Mon. Home Workout Day 1

                    Go over baseball positions with a family member based off the video you have watched.

    4/28 Tues.  Home Workout Day 2

    4/29 Wed.  Home Workout Day 3

                     Continue practicing your batter stance and discuss ways to prevent sports injuries.

    4/30 Thurs. Home Workout Day 4

    5/1 Fri.      Home Workout Day 5