• Quest News for the Week of March 18, 2019

    Posted by Carol Lacy on 3/17/2019

    Fifth Grade Quest student teams continue to lead the region in The Stock Market Game. The students have been researching and learning about sustainable stocks as well as continuing to follow the market and research and trade stocks in the game. They are writing essays on the sustainable topic to enter in this year’s InvestWrite contest. Students are also sharpening financial skills using Everfi’s Vault program online

    Second grade will continue to research animals in connection to their reading about animal acts in circuses. Students are creating presentations comparing the life of a chosen animal in the circus to how that type of animal lives in the wild.

    Fifth grade students will be completing profiles about their interests and skills and comparing them to skills needed in a variety of careers as they continue to explore career options.

    Second grade students are beginning to develop financial literacy and other success skills by using Everfi’s online FutureSmart program. Students are also working through a series of fun lessons from Everfi’s Compassion Playground. These lessons include learning about empathy and learning to deal with stress.

    All classes will participate in building activities, thinking skill challenges, chess lessons and vocabulary games.

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