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    My name is Venita Goins. I have been a Special Education Teacher for 39 years.  I am the special education inclusion teacher for kindergarten and first grades. I work closely with the general education teachers to help teach and re-teach skills students are learning, and remediate skills that they are having difficulty with. Each year I am excited to know that I can make a difference in the lives of children, by providing learning and services that will help them to become productive members of society.  My goal as a teacher is to demonstrate a positive and professional attitude towards learning, and focus on the rewards and challenges in a positive way that will enhance learning experiences for the students. Our goal at Central is to reach the total child. We want our students to feel that they are safe with their school family.  Having a positive relationship with the students and parents is very important to me. Building positive relationships plays a vital part in student achievement. I have high expectations for my students, and encourage them to work to the best of their ability.  I encourage parents to communicate with all of the teachers that work with your child, when and if there are misunderstandings or questions about homework, class work, grades, or behavior. It is People not Programs that determine the quality of a school, and your child's education.  At Central, we are committing ourselves to making a positive difference in the lives of our students, and we invite parents to be a part of this wonderful journey. We want our Central Sailors  to SAIL To SUCCESS in the classroom by being Safe (following directions the first time given), Attentive (Listen with your whole body), In Control (Avoid conflict and Distractions), and Willing to Learn (Be an active Learner).

    "Be the Change that you want to see in this world" - Gandhi


    * Graduated from the Mississippi University for Women with a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education (Mild/ Moderate Disabilities).

    *Graduated from Mississippi State University with a Masters Degree in Special Education.

    *Graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a Specialist Degree in Education Administration.    

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