Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jason Bourgeois

Greetings students and parents! I look forward to working with you in science. Helping you discover that science is more than boring words and complex concepts; it is a journey to understand yourself, the world around you and beyond. I have a bachelor’s in Business Management from American Public University. I am currently in the Master of Secondary Education Program at William Carey. I am a 6th grade science teacher at Gulfport Central Middle School. I believe everyone should strive to be a lifelong learner, because an informed citizen not only benefits the individual but the entire community.

I have facilitated for-profit businesses for over two decades and taught unofficially for non-profits for nearly a decade. I am an active volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America and do my best to live its ideals in order to be a positive role model for all young people. I am a MS coast native that enjoys the outdoors; you just might see me hiking, fishing, kayaking, etc. somewhere on the coast!

I believe that every moment is a teachable one. So, I can't wait to share some of these moments with you. Let's have a great year.