Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Christopher Salber

I am a highly energetic and enthusiastic individual, specializing in History with a background in fitness and numerous coaching experiences. Through my teaching experience I have gravitated toward integrating technology in my classroom and taking a leadership role in advising other teachers to better utilize technology with their lessons. This past year I have transitioned from a CTE position at the Middle School level where I developed new curriculum and opportunities in drone technology to establishing a virtual acadamy program in Gulfport, Mississippi. I have dedicated myself to providing the best education and care to young adults so they may be successful in the future.
We spend our whole lives identifying who we are and decide who we are based off of what we do. 
Ultimately, I am a gifted individual who can make a complex task easy to understand. I look for ways to understand things and transfer that knowledge to individuals who may be better skilled in that specific task completion for them to do will and succeed. I may not be the smartest person in a room, but I can make you feel that you are the smartest person in the room though teaching. In short I am a teacher. 

I have worked hard to earn this title of "Teacher" and not something I take lightly. I graduated Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA with a BA in History, making the Deans list from 2003-2005. I was still young when I graduated from Ursinus and did not feel that I was ready for the difficulties of teaching high school students at the age of 21. After a few years removed from college, I went back and obtained my teaching certificate from Ursinus in 2009. I student taught at North-East High School in 2009 where I worked under Dr. Meir. I then started my teaching career in a turbulent inner city area where public school vs charter school debate was underway. I started off at a poorly funded charter school, with little over site (it is now closed) and after some advice from a colleague moved into the public school sector, where I stayed until a budget crisis led to massive layoffs. The advice my colleague gave me has stayed with me to this day. She said, "No matter where you end up, as a teacher, you will always have students who need you guidance and expertise." In all my years of education, I have never heard a truer statement.

After my experiences in  Philadelphia, my life started to get very interesting. I had already meet my wife but in 2010 she decided to enlist in the US Air Force. I have supported her in this decision and worked through multiple placements and deployments. It has led to a unique background with additional teaching experiences and certifications in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Maryland, and Mississippi.  It also has reaffirmed the notion that "No matter where you end up, as a teacher, you will always have students who need you guidance and expertise."

Currently I have three students who will always need my guidance and expertise, my sons Patrick, Michael, and Connor. They have changed my perspective and priorities. Instead of answering "who am I?" with "I am a teacher" I am now a father, husband, teacher and life long learner.