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    Monday December 5, 2022

    TSW complete iReady Diagnostic Assessment

    Tuesday December 6, 2022

    TSW use their prior knowledge to read and annotate the text

    TSW complete a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast, "In what way does he feel that these leaders were alike and different?"

    TSW complete a flow map of the writing prompt

    TTW work with students to break down the writing prompt into individual parts/questions to determine meaning. 

    TSW do iReady when finished 

    Wednesday December 7, 2022

    TSW read the story and answer the multiple choice questions and turn in when finished

    TTW walk around the room and observe and redirect when needed

    TSW do iReady when finished 

    Thursday December 8, 2022

    TSW complete 45+ minutes, 2+ passed lessons independently

    TSW complete any unfinished work in iReady Workbooks

    Friday December 9, 2022

    TSW take out their Venn Diagram and flow map and a pencil

    TSW reread the text, "James Madison:  The Forgotten Founder" and answer the writing prompt as their MPT (Mixed Practice Test)

    TSW work on this the whole 52 minutes without teacher assistance

    TTW walk around the room and redirect when needed