• Q1 Week 9: Sep 20 - 24

    Posted by Charles Comer on 9/20/2021

    Monday: Students will write a 5-paragraph essay as part of a District Common Assessment on writing. 

    Tuesday: We will read the final chapter of The Lightning Thief!

    Wednesday: Students will write a comparative report about mythological characters in The Lightning Thief. This will be an assessment grade.  

    Thursday: We will begin watching The Lightning Thief

    Friday: We will finish watching The Lightning Thief

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  • Q1 Week 8: Sep 13 - 17

    Posted by Charles Comer on 9/13/2021

     We will continue read and discuss Percy Jackson all this week. Our goal is to finish before the quarter ends!

    Monday: We'll read and discuss Chapter 16

    Tuesday: We'll read and discuss Chapter 17

    Wednesday: We'll read and discuss chapter 18

    Thursday: We'll read and discuss Chapter 19

    Friday: We'll read Chapter 20 and begin brainstorming ideas for a group book report for next week. 

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  • Q1 Week 6: Aug 30 - Sep 3

    Posted by Charles Comer on 8/31/2021

    Monday: Out due to Hurricane Ida

    Tuesday: We will review the Hurricane Ida take-home packet

    Wednesday: We will continue reading Percy Jackson

    Thursday: We will read Percy Jackson and explore the concept of the "Hero's Journey." 

    Friday: We will read Percy Jackson, and students will apply the "Hero's Journey" to the Percy Jackson's journey. 

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  • Q1 Week 5: Aug 23 - 27

    Posted by Charles Comer on 8/23/2021

    Monday: We will read Chapter 7 of The Lightning Thief as students define a new set of vocabulary words from the book. 

    Tuesday: We will read and discuss Chapter 8 of The Lightning Thief. 

    Wednesday: Students will research their "cabin god/godess" and put together a brief presentation. 

    Thursday: Students will teach the class everything they discovered about their "cabin god/godess."

    Friday: We will read and discuss Chapter 9 opf The Lightning Thief.

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  • Q1 Week 4: Aug 16 - 20

    Posted by Charles Comer on 8/16/2021

    Monday: We will read Chapter 4 of The Lightning Thief as students define a new set of vocabulary words from the book. 

    Tuesday: We will read and discuss Chapter 5 of The Lightning Thief. 

    Wednesday: We will read and discuss Chapter 6 of The Lightning Thief. We will also begin our "Cabin Competition."

    Thursday: Students will earn points for the "Cabin Competition" by answering questions about the book. 

    Friday: Students will take a quiz based on The Lightning Thief and this week's vocabulary words. 

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  • Q1 Week 2: Aug 2- 6

    Posted by Charles Comer on 8/1/2021

    Monday: Students will write sentences and begin working on an essay about the teacher who influenced them most.

    Tuesday: Students will convert their sentences from Monday into paragraphs for their essay.

    Wednesday: Students will write an introduction and thesis statement for their essay.

    Thursday: Students will write a conclusion for their essay and add transitions to improve structure and flow. 

    Friday: Students will participate in a peer editing workshop where they will partner up and edit each other's work according to our MAAP writing rubric. 

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  • Q1 Week 1: July 26 - 30

    Posted by Charles Comer on 7/25/2021

    Monday: How to Read Absolutely Everything - Decoding and Context

    Tuesday: How to Read Absolutely Everything - Active Reading

    Wednesday: How to Read Absolutely Everything - Context Clues, Background Knowledge, Vocabulary

    Thursday: How to Read Absolutely Everything - Main Idea, Author's Purpose, Theme

    Friday: How to Read Absolutely Everything - Review and Daily Grade Quiz

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