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      Welcome to Mrs. Neal's Physical Science Classroom



      What We’re Doing this Week:


      The schedule below is to serve as a guide. Things sometimes change due to time comstraints. When in doubt, contact me. 




      Monday:  Finish Wkst 1 and start Wkst 2

      HW - Finish Wkst 2



      Tuesday: Review Wkst 2, ACT Quiz

      HW - Study for Instantaneous Velocity Quiz



      Wednesday: Instantaneous Velocity Quiz, Start Wkst 3

       HW – Finish Wkst 3


      Thursday: Whiteboard answers to Wkst 3, Kinematics Wkst

       HW – Finish Kinematics Wkst




      Friday:  Review Kinematics Wkst, Ramps Mini lab Wkst 4, ACT Quiz
      HW - Complete Test Review for 3 weeks Assessment on Tuesday