• Green Globe in the Trees


    On Monday, students will Think-Pair-Share their ideas about what all organisms need to survive. Students will then view a slide show on All Needs for Living things and take guided notes. On Tuesday, students will take guided notes about the characteristics of life. In class on Wedbesday, Students will finish notes on Characteristics of Life and then will complete an assignment on Characteristics of Life Reinforcement. Thursday, students will view and discuss slideshow on CER and practice a CER as a class. Then they will play a game using a slideshow on living or nonliving On Friday, students will be given a picture or object to represent something that is living or nonliving. They will create a CER on their topic to make: Claim:  Is it living or nonliving?, provide Evidence: students will use notes to cite evidence and complete a Reasoning: Students will state their reason for the claim based on Evidence.