• Green Globe in the Trees


    Bayou View Middle School - Weekly Lesson Plan

    • Week of:  September 19, 2022

    • Teacher: Kidd/ M. Lee

    • Essential Question:  What is the structure and function of living things?

    • Target Question:      What characteristics do you look for to identify a plant or animal cell?  What are the six kingdoms of life?

    • Weekly Objectives 

      • L.6.1.  Students will demonstrate an understanding that living things range from simple to complex organisms, are organized hierarchically, and function as whole living systems. 

      • L.6.1.1 Use argument supported by evidence in order to distinguish between living and non-living 

      • things, including viruses and bacteria. 

      • L.6.1.2 Obtain and communicate evidence to support the cell theory. 

      • L.6.1.3 Develop and use models to explain how specific cellular components (cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, chloroplast, vacuole, and mitochondria) function together to support the life of   prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms to include plants, animals, fungi, protists, and bacteria  (not to include biochemical function of cells or cell part). 

      • L.6.1.4 Compare and contrast different cells in order to classify them as a protist, fungus, plant, or animal. 

      • L.6.1.5 Provide evidence that organisms are unicellular or multicellular. 

      • L.6.1.6 Develop and use models to show relationships among the increasing complexity of multicellular organisms (cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organisms) and how they serve the needs of

    Monday 9/19 

    Procedure: Students will complete a google form on Plant Cells for bell work.  For classwork, students will participate in Cell-CSI activity in which students will compare plant and animal cell, and then determine if a mystery cell is plant or animal.  Students will provide evidence for the identification of their cell. 

    Tuesday 9/20

    Procedure: Students will complete a google form on Animal Cells for bell work.  For classwork, students will participate in an activity called Escape Room- Cells. Students will answer questions to get codes for puzzles they will need to solve in order to break out.  

    Wednesday 9/21

    Procedure: Students will discuss study guide questions for bell work.  Students will play Blooket games for reviewing the standards.


    Thursday 9/22

    Procedure: For bell work, students will study and review for DCA. For classwork, students will take their DCA for science.  Early finishers will finish Flocabulary-Bacteria. 


    Friday 9/23

    Procedure: for bell work, students will watch the Flocabulary 6 kingdom video clip.  For classwork, students will complete Flocabulary-6 Kingdom’s vocab cards, vocab game, read and respond, and quiz.  (This grade will be applied to term 2)