• Coming up this month:

    11/14/19: Popcorn Fundraiser is due. Online registration can be done at pleasehelpmyschool.com. School code is BAYOU.

    12/11/19: Winter Concert @ Gulfport High School Auditorium. Report time 5:00. Concert time 6:00.

    The Concert will count as 2 assessment grades. 


    Google Classroom Grading Policy:

    Students will recieve a 4 if assignment is turned in on time. Students have up to a week AFTER the due date to receive up to a 3. Assignments more than 1 week late will not be accepted. 

    Week 14

    November 4-8, 2019

    Essential Question: 

    How do we continue momentum moving into a performance setting.


    Prior rehearsal self assessment. 

    Anticipatory Set:

    Youtube videos of professional and middle school choirs. 


    Singing, kodaly hand signs. 

    Guided Practice:

    Rhythm and solfege identification lesson. Learning music for Fall Concert. Sightreading two and three part harmony. Interval identification in the form of diatonic intervals in the key of C.


    Student self assessment.