• Weekly Objectives: Students will learn common adjective, adverbs, and semicolon rules found on the ACT. Students will finish "Lord of the Flies" Chapter 3 and analyze for setting, characterization, theme, and symbolism.

    Topics of Study for the Week: Students will continue to identify common ACT rules and questions. Students will continue to read their new novel, "Lord of the Flies." In this unit, students will focus on answering questions about humanity and human tendencies, including whether humans are naturally good or evil. Students will identify the importance of setting, the development of the characters, the symbols used throughout the story, and the themes that develop.

    Homework: Monday: Finish M.E.A.L. Paragraph on theme in Chapters 1 and 2 of "Lord of the Flies." Tuesday Night: Finish Worksheet on Fact, Opionon, and Bias. 

    Test Dates: Unit Test 1.2 is Wednesday, September 18th.Chapter 3 Quiz Friday. Writing Test Wednesday, September 25th.

    Assignment Deadlines: M.E.A.L. Paragraph due by Monday at Midnight. Fact, Opinon, and Bias Article due Wednesday. Chapter 3 must be complete by end of class on Friday, September 20.

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