• Weekly Objectives: Students will annotate Atticus' final argument for logos, ethos, and pathos. Students will read a poem and analyze rhetorical strategies in the poem. Students will play Kahoot to review logos, ethos, and pathos. Students will discuss the Scottsboro Boys Trial and answer MAPP-style questions to review for their 9 Weeks Exam.  

    Topics of Study for the Week:  Students will continue to review rhetoric and logos, pathos, and ethos. Students will finish reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Students will focus on the book's conflicts and theme. Students will read poems, articles, and stories related to the novel.

    Homework: Extra Credit due Wednesday, March 11th.

    Test Dates: Unit 3.3 Test (9 Weeks Exam) on Thursday, March 12th. 

    Assignment Deadlines: Extra Credit due Wednesday, March 11th.

    Remind App: I encourage you and your child to sign up for Remind alerts! I send out announcements about homework, test dates, etc. via Remind. The World Literature Remind codes ARE DIFFERENT from the English I codes.

    From your smart phone text the code below to the number 81010.

    1st block class code: @handworl

    2nd block class code: @handworld

    4th block class code: @handworldl

    5th block class code: @dk47eag