• Objectives of the Week MS Studies: Learning about the basic geographical features of MS and its regions

    Topics of Study: Geographical Features

    Monday: Syllabus

    Tuesday: BR, Notes, Video

    Wednesday: BR, Notes, Group work

    Thursday: BR, Article Review, Vocab

    Friday: BR, Kahoot/Review

    Homework: Study your notes every night for 15 minutes/finish work not completed in class

    Test One Date: 10/18/2021


    Obejectives of the Week Sociology: Basic Intoduction to Sociology and other Cultures

    Topic of Study: Society/Culture

    Monday: Syllabus

    Tuesday: BR, Notes, Video, Group Work

    Wednesday: BR, Notes, Group Work/Solve a Socity's Problem

    Thursday: BR, Notes, Group Work

    Friday, BR, Notes, Review for test

    Homework: Study your notes for 15 minutes each night

    Test One Date: 10/18/2021