• Week of March 16th- 20th

    St. Patrick's Day

    Monday: NO SCHOOL 

    Tuesday: 11th grade ACT; Shark Tank

    Wednesday: Shark Tank (present to a banker)

    Thursday: Division of polynomials

    Friday: Division of polynomials

    Week of Mar. 9th-13th

    3 day weekend

    Monday: Factoring Polynomials 

    Tuesday: Solving by factoring 

    Wednesday: Review 

    Thursday: Review 

    Friday: 9 weeks assessment 

    Week of Mar. 2nd- 6th 


    Monday: Review of Polynomials 

    Tuesday: Graphing Polynomials 

    Wednesday: DCA 3.2 

    Thursday: Roots and Multiplicity of polynomials 

    Friday: Quiz and Shark Tank 

    Week of Feb. 24th-28th

    Mardi Gras

    Monday: Mardi gras break 

    Tuesday: Mardi gras break 

    Wednesday: Mardi gras break 

    Thursday: Shark Tank Project

    Friday: Shark Tank Project (Step 1 Due)

    Week of Feb. 17th-21st

    Monday: Solving quadratics by completing the square

    Tuesday: Solving quadratics using the quadratic formula

    Wednesday: Shark Tank Project

    Thursday: Review

    Friday: 6 week assessment 

    Week of Feb. 10th-14th

    Valentine's Day

    Monday: Solving quadratics by factoring and square root

    Tuesday: Powers of imaginary numbers

    Wednesday: Complex numbers 

    Thursday: Quiz 

    Friday: Review 

    Week of Feb. 3rd-7th 


    Monday: Parts of Parabolas

    Tuesday: Vertex form of parabolas

    Wednesday: DCA

    Thursday: Converting quadratics to vertex form

    Friday: Review Factoring

    Week of Jan27th-31st

    Monday: Transformations

    Tuesday: Review 

    Wednesday: CTE Tours

    Thursday: Review

    Friday: 3 week assessment

    Week of Jan 20th-24th

    Monday: Holiday

    Tuesday: Systems of inequalities 

    Wednesday: Piecewise functions

    Thursday: Absolute Value Graphs

    Friday: Quiz

    Week of Jan 13th-17th 


    Monday: Relations and Functions

    Tuesday: Linear Functions

    Wednesday: System of equations

    Thursday: Systems of equations

    Friday: Systems of equations

    Week of Jan. 6th-10th 

    Welcome back

    Monday: Real number system/orders of operations 

    Tuesday: Equations and graphing inequalities 

    Wednesday: Compound inequalities 

    Thursday: Absolute value equations and inequalities 

    Friday: Quiz