• Week of May 16-20th

    Monday: Simplify, add, subtract rational expressions

    Tuesday: Multiply and divide rational expressions 

    Wednesday: Complex fractions 

    Thursday: Review operations on rational expressions

    Friday: Quiz


  • Week of April 25-29

    • Monday: Exponential Equations/Intro to logarithms 
    • Tuesday: English Test/ Work on Project
    • Wednesday: Properties of logs 
    • Thursday: Properties of logs 
    • Friday: Project work day 

  • Week of April 4-8th 

    • Monday: Dividing Polynomials 
    • Tuesday: Dividing Polynomials
    • Wednesday: Function Composition 
    • Thursday: Rational Zero Theorem 
    • Friday: Quiz

  • Week of 2/21-2/25

    Monday: Projectile Motion 

    Tuesday: Projectile Motion applications 

    Wednesday: Simplifying exponents 

    Thursday: Hidden Figures and Space Center Math 

    Friday: Hidden Figures and Space Center Math 

  • Week of 1/31-2/4

    • Monday: Parent functions
    • Tuesday: Absolute value graphs and inequalities 
    • Wednesday: DCA 3.1
    • Thursday: Quadratic graphs and inequalities 
    • Friday: Quiz

  • Week of Jan. 24-28

    • Monday: Systems of linear inequalities 
    • Tuesday: review
    • Wednesday: 3 week assessment 
    • Thursday: Piecewise functions 
    • Friday: Practice piecewise functions

  • Week of Jan. 18-21

    Monday: No School

    Tueday: Relations and Functions review

    Wednesday: Systems of equations with 2 variables 

    Thursday: Systems of equations with 2 variables 

    Friday: Systems of equations with 3 variables 

  • Week of Jan. 10-14

    Monday: Welcome back! 

    Tuesday: Absloute value equations and graphing inequalities 

    Wednesday: Mock ACT 

    Thursday: Absolute value inequalities 

    Friday: Inequalities review  

  • Week of 12/6-12/10

    Monday: Equations of circles

    Tuesday: Sector area

    Wednesday: Quiz 

    Thursday: DCA 

    Friday: Surface area and volume


  • Week of Nov. 15-19

    Monday: Inscribed angles 

    Tuesday: Review 

    Wednesday: 6 week assessment 

    Thursday: Collaboration with physics 

    Friday: Collaboration with physics 


  • Week of Nov. 1-5

    Monday: Rotations and Symmetry 

    Tuesday: Review all transformations

    Wednesday: DCA 2.1 (70% grade)

    Thursday: Vectors 

    Friday: Quiz 

  • Week of 10/25-10/29

    Monday: Work on choice board assignment

    Tuesday: Triangle applications; choice board due

    Wednesday: 3 week assessment

    Thursday: Reflections

    Friday: Desmos 

  • Week of Oct. 18-22

    Monday: Angles of elevation and depression

    Tuesday: Law of sines

    Wednesday: Law of cosines 

    Thursday: Review law of sines and cosines

    Friday: Review all trigonometry topics

  • Week of Oct. 11-15th 

    Monday: Right triangle similarity and geometric mean

    Tuesday: Using trigonometry to finding missing sides

    Wednesday: Using trigonometry to find missing angles

    Thursday: Activity using trigonometry 

    Friday: Quiz on trigonometry 

  • Week of 9/20-9/24

    Monday: Converse of Pythagorean theorem and special right triangles 

    Tuesday: Review for 9 weeks assessment 

    Wednesday: 9 weeks assessment 

    Thursday: Similar right triangles 

    Friday: Activity 

  • Week of Sept. 13-17

    Monday: Ratios/ Proportions & Similar Figures 

    Tuesday: Similarity postulates

    Wednesday: DCA 1.2 (70% grade)

    Thursday: Proportional parts of triangles 

    Friday: Quiz

  • Week of 9/7-9/10

    Tuesday: Kite Project

    Wednesday: Kite Project

    Thursday: Fly Kites 

    Friday: AIG: How is geometry used outside of the class? 


  • Week of Aug. 30th -Sept 3rd

    Monday: Rectangles, Rhombi, and Squares

    Tuesday: Trapezoids and Kites

    Wednesday: 6 week assessment

     Thursday: Surface area and volume

    Friday: Real world application with surface area and volume

  • Week of 8/23-8/27

    Monday: Review triangle inequality theorem

    Tuesday: Apply triangle inequality with algebra 

    Wednesday: Quiz (triangle postulates, triangle midsegments, center of triangles, and triangle inequality) 

    Thursday: Interior and Exterior angles of parallelograms 

    Friday: Properties of quadrilaterals 

  • Week of 8/16-8/20

    Monday: Review triangle postulates and quiz

    Tuesday: Triangle midsegments and bisectors 

    Wednesday: DCA (70% grade)

    Thursday: Centers of triangles 

    Friday: Centers of triangles (cont)

  • Week of Aug. 9-13

    Monday: Angles of Triangles & Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles 

    Tuesday: Congruent Triangles 

    Wednesday: 3 week assessment 

    Thursday: Congruent Postulates 

    Friday: Review Postulates & ACT Quiz

  • Week of Aug. 2-6 

    Monday: Parallel lines and transversals 

    Tuesday: Angles in parallel lines and proving parallel lines

    Wednesday: Slope and equations of lines 

    Thursday: Quiz 

    Friday: Classifying Triangles

  • Week of July 26-30th 

    Monday: Points, lines, and planes

    Tuesday: Segment addition postulate, Midpoint and Distance formula

    Wednesday: Intro to angles

    Thursday: Angle addition postulate and angle relationships 

    Friday: Activity