• Week of September 19th-23rd

    • Monday: Similar right triangles
    • Tuesday: 9 week assessment 
    • Wednesday: Discover trigonometry 
    • Thursday: Trigonometry 
    • Friday: Review ACT material 

  • Week of September 12th-16th 

    • Monday: Angles of polygons
    • Tuesday: Converse of Pythagorean theorem/ Special Right Triangles
    • Wednesday: DCA 1.2
    • Thursday: Special Right Triangles  
    • Friday: Discovering Trig Ratios

  • Week of 9/6-9/10

    • Monday: Labor Day- no school  
    • Tuesday: Properties of kites
    • Wednesday: Work on kite project
    • Thursday: Work on kite project
    • Friday: Finish kite project

  • Week of Aug. 29-Sept. 2

    Monday: Review for test 

    Tuesday: Rachel's Challenge

    Wednesday: 6 week assessment 

    Thursday: Quadrilaterals 

    Friday: Quadrilaterals 

  • Week of August 22-26th 

    Monday: Centers of triangles

    Tuesday: Ratios & Proportions; similar figures 

    Wednesday: Similar Triangles 

    Thursday: Parallel lines and proportions 

    Friday: review 


  • Week of Aug. 15-19th

    Monday: ACT Quiz and Congruent triangles quiz

    Tuesday: Review quizzes; Perpendicular & angle bisectors 

    Wednesday: DCA 1.1 

    Thursday: Triangle Midsegment 

    Friday: Triangle Inequalities 

  • Week of August 8th-12th

    Monday: Review

    Tuesday: 3 week assessment

    Wednesday: Congruent triangles

    Thursday: Congruent Postulates 

    Friday: Congruent Postulates