• Weel of 9/16-9/20

    Monday: Triangle Congruence- ASA, SAS, SSS, AAS, HL

    Tuesday: Triangle Congruence- ASA, SAS, SSS, AAS, HL

    Wednesday: Quiz on unit 4

    Thursday: Review 

    Friday: 6 week assessment (unit 3 and 4)

    Week of 9/9-9/13


    Monday: Classifying Triangles 

    Tuesday: Triangle angle sum theorem and exterior angle theorem 

    Wednesday: Isoceles and equilateral triangles

    Thursday: Congruent Triangles

    Friday: Creating a star

    Week of 9/3-9/6


    Tuesday: Comparing Slope; Equations of lines

    Wednesday: DCA assessment 

    Thursday: Cont. equations of lines 

    Friday: Quiz on Unit 3

    Week of 8/26-8/30

    3 day weekend

    Monday: Parallel properties and transversals

    Tuesday: Naming angles related to parallel lines and transversals 

    Wednesday: Using Algebra to solve angles 

    Thursday: Slope 

    Friday: Cumulative test 

    Week of 8/19-8/23

    Image result for first test memes

    Monday: Angle Pairs

    Tuesday: Continue Angle Pairs

    Wednesday: Perimeter, Area, and Circumference.

    Thursday: Review

    Friday: Unit 1 Test


    Week of 8/12-8/16


    Monday: Segment Addition.

    Tuesday: Distance and Midpoint

    Wednesday: Relating Distance and Midpoint to everyday life.

    Thursday: Angle Addition

    Friday: Angle Pairs and Quiz. 

    Welcome back to school!

    Wednesday: Review handbook, classroom rules, and procedures.

    Thursday: Review Algebra 1 

    Friday: Points, Lines, and Planes.