Chinese 2: Weeks of April (April 15th to 1st of May)







            1:Review previous Chinese two units. 复习。

            2:  Kitchen unit. 厨房厨具单元

                 Summer unit 夏天单元

            3:Grammer + Sentence in Chinese. 中文句子。

            4:  Educational games. 中文游戏。

            5:Chinese movie and culture documentary.中国教育性电影/文化记录片


           All of our new vocabualries,sentence and grammer are updated in our quizlet. 

                   Online resources and class are fully set up in our google classroom.

           Zoom meeting is required weekly for all students of Chinese 2.

           Assignments must be turned in by the end of the day on April 22

           If you have any questions and concerns please contact me(       Yanglin.gong@gulfportschools.org)


           I wish all the families are safe and healthy. 祝所有家长学生及家人健康。