Academic goal of January. 学习目标


               Mandarin Two.





             Review Mandarin vocabulary and sentences.




             1:Chengyu 成语 



             2: Graducation Unit(05/01-05/05)  


                 University and Career Unit.(05/08-05/12) 


                    3:Duolingo practice daily. 



              4: Weekly practice test / Pre test.






             Chinese Four Culture and Literature.   


            1:Chinese literature analysis.


            2: Literatura presentation.


           3: Duolingo practice.


           4: AP exam practice.









              Objectives 目标主题


             Chinese 1 & 2 &3 vocabulary and sentences.




             Daily conversation(Substitution drill.)




             Chinese idioms 成语 (Chinese 1 & Chinese 2)


             Culture literate and project. 


             Additional class information 课堂信息


                All academic information including vocabulary,sentences and grammar will be updated in our quizlet of each block daily. 


                      Online learning resources, weekly Google Slide class as well as lesson plan will be uploaded to our Google classroom weekly.


                     Assignments must be turned in by the end of every Thursday.


                A weekly score will be given on each Friday.


            All the parents are welcome to join our Google classroom and I will make calls to reach out to parents quickly regarding               

           student's academic performance. 


            Dear Parents:


            Thank you for allowing and trusting me to be part of your child's path of growth. Your understanding and support means the world to 

            me. Please know that I care for your child's well-being and academic success. Please know your child is respected,valued and

            listened to in my classroom. Your child is the reason that I am here! If you have any questions, concerns and good advice, please 

            contact me @ Yanglin.gong@gulfportschools.org.




            Ms Gong