Welcome to Chinese video!

             Chinese 2 May







            1:Teacher appreciation unit 教师节/ Graduation unit毕业单元/ Review past units for the school year(two weeks)复习

            2:  Vocabulary. 单词

                    3:Grammer + Sentence in Chinese. 中文句子。

            4:  Educational games. 中文游戏。

            5:Chinese movie and culture documentary.中国教育性电影/文化记录片

            6:Culture project and discussion.


            Chinese 4 March.  


            中文第四册: 三月.


            Objectives 目标主题


            Chinese 1 & 2 & 3 vocabularies and sentences.



             Daily conversation(Substitution drill).



             Chinese idioms 成语


             All of our new vocabualries,sentences and grammers are updated in our quizlet of each block daily. 


                       Online resources and class are fully set up in our google classroom.


             Zoom meeting is required for all vitural students on time daily. 


             Assignments must be turned in by end of every Thursday.


             Weekly score are given on each Friday.


             If you have any questions and concerns please contact me(Yanglin.gong@gulfportschools.org)


             I wish all the families are safe and healthy under this special time. 祝所有家长学生及家人健康。