Weekly Agenda

  • The following agenda is subject to change at the teacher's discretion: 


    Week 1.3


    Monday: Add/Subtract Rational Numbers

    Tuesday: Rational Number Operations

    Wednesday: Math Diagnostic

    Thursday: Review rational number operations

    Friday: Quiz 1.1


    Week 1.4


    Monday: Terminating/Repeating Decimals

    Tuesday: Terminating/Repeating Decimals

    Wednesday:Review Rational Number Operations/Decimals

    Thursday: Study Guide  

    Friday: Test 1.2


    Week 1.5


    Monday: DCA Study Guide

    Tuesday: DCA 1.1

    Wednesday: Unit Rates

    Thursday: Unit Price

    Friday: What's your rate?




    Important Dates

    • Math Diagnostic-August 10th-11th
    • Math DCA-August 16th
    • Open House-August 23rd
    • Progress Reports-August 24th
    • Labor Day Holiday-September 5th