Weekly Agenda

  • The following agenda is subject to change at the teacher's discretion: 


    Week 2.8


    Monday: Intro-Inequalities

    Tuesday: Inequalities Practice

    Wednesday: Exception to the Rule

    Thursday:  Study Guide

    Friday: MPT 2.3


    Week 2.9


    Monday: Write Inequalities

    Tuesday: Study Guide

    Wednesday:2nd 9 Weeks Exam

    Thursday: IReady Lessons and INB Due

    Friday: Makeup Work Day


    Week 2.6


    Monday: Equations Exception

    Tuesday: Solve Multi-step Equations

    Wednesday: iReady Day

    Thursday: Study Guide

    Friday: MPT 2.2




    Important Dates

    • November 22-26: Thanksgiving Holiday
    • December 14-16: DCAs
    • Dec. 20-January 7: Christmas Holiday and Intersession 2