Weekly Agenda

  • The following agenda is subject to change at the teacher's discretion: 

    Week of 3/9-13/2020


    Monday- DCA 3.3 Study Guide

    Tuesday- DCA 3.3

    Wednesday- iReady Lessons(DUE)

    Thursday- Measures of Central Tendency & Variation

    Friday-Measures of Central Tendency & Variation


    Week of 3/16-20/2020


    Monday- No School

    Tuesday- Interquartile range

    Wednesday- Interquartile range

    Thursday- iReady Spring Diagnostic

    Friday-iReady Spring Diagnostic


    Important Dates

    • DCA April 1st
    • Spring Break April 6th-10th
    • iReady 4,5,6 lessons due(this number is determined based on winter diagnostic score)
    • Math MAAP Testing May 6th-13th
    • DCA May 18th