Weekly Agenda

  • The following agenda is subject to change at the teacher's discretion: 


    Week 32


    Monday: Random Samples Review

    Tuesday: Survey Review

    Wednesday: Probability Review

    Thursday: Study Guide

    Friday: Test 4.2/Notebook Check


    Week 33


    Monday: Number Sense Review

    Tuesday: Ratios Review

    Wednesday: Expressions/Equations Review

    Thursday: Geometry Review

    Friday: Quiz 4.2


    Week 34


    Monday: Probability Review

    Tuesday: Number Sense Review

    Wednesday: Combination Review

    Thursday:  Ratio Review

    Friday: Quiz 4.3





    Important Dates

    • April 16th-Test 4.2
    • April 16th-Notebook Check(test grade)
    • April 25th-iReady Lessons Due
    • April 28th-MAAP English Session 1 
    • April 29th-Progress Reports
    • May 3rd-MAAP English Session 2
    • May 6th-MAAP Math Session 1
    • May 11th-MAAP Math Session 2
    • May 17th-21st-4th 9 Weeks Exams
    • May 25th-LAST DAY OF SCHOOL/60% DAY!!