What we will be doing in class this week!


    Hi 6th Grade Families!!! Happy Friday and enjoy the break!!!

    Monday November 28

    Inclusion English- BW: Greek and Latin Roots "ir" and "non." TI: TTW remind students of author's purpose and point of view. M: TTW introduce the vocabulary words for the week and have students look up the definition in the dictionary. TI: TTW introduce the traditions essay to students. GP: TSW choose NewsELA articles about different holiday traditions. IP: TSW summarize their findings on one of the chosen holiday traditions

    Tuesday November 29

    Inclusion English- BW: Greek and Latin Roots "ir" and "non." TI: TTW remind students how to work on guided notes. M: TTW show students how to use the provided websites with PowerPoints to fill in the blank on guided notes. IP: TSW work on filling in the guided notes from the PowerPoint websites on a chosen holiday traditions 

    Wednesday November 30

    Inclusion English- BW: Greek and Latin Root "ir" and "non." TI: TTW discuss and remind students of the different parts of an informative essay. IP: TSW begin writing the rough draft of their traditions essay

    Thursday December 1

    Inclusion English- Bellwork: Vocab Quiz. TI: TTW reteach what clear and organized writing is. GP: TSW proofread their neighbor's essays and edit each other's essays. IP: TSW begin typing their final drafts of their essays on a Google Docs

    Friday December 2

    Inclusion English- BW: Greek and Latin Root. TI: TTW reteach compare and contrast. IP: TSW finish and turn in their traditions essay (Assessment Grade). Early Finishers: TSW work on iReady Reading Lessons 

    Homework- Any assignments not completed in class.