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  • Welcome to my page. Here, you can see what is currently going on in ISC3. This page will be updated weekly so that you and your child can always be current on important assignments and information. 

    To contact me, please email me at jacob.swinney@gulfportschools.org.

    I hold tutoring on Wednesday mornings at 7:30. I can also meet with students by appointment. 

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  • Here, parents and students can see what to expect in regards to homework and classwork. Check back weekly! 

    Week 18 - 12/10 - 12/15:


    • Relative Mass Lab


    • Relative Mass Activity 2


    • Relative Mass and Mole Notes
    • WS 5.1


    • Mole to Mass Conversions


    • Quiz 5.1
    • WS 5.2


    Homework for this week will be to complete work that was not completed in class. Any worksheets that are not finished while in class will be due the next day.