Monday 4/15- Quiz Review/Remediation Homework:

    Tuesday 4/16- State Test Review Homework:

    Wednesday 4/17- Unit Test Review Homework: 

    Thursday 4/18- Unit Test 11 Homework: 

    Friday 4/19- SPRING BREAK

    Objectves: Students will review all covered algebra 1 standards 

    Important Test Dates: Algebra 1 State Test- May 9th and May 13th


    Foundations of Algebra 

    Monday 4/15- Graphing systems of linear equations Homework: 

    Tuesday 4/16- Solving systems of equations by substitution Homework: 

    Wednesday 4/17- Solving systems of equations by substitution Homework: 

    Thursday 4/18- Unit Test 5 Homework:

    Friday 4/19- SPRING BREAK

    Objectives: Students will graph and use the substitution method to find soutions to systems of linear equations

    Important Test Dates: