Monday 9/9- Compound Inequalities

    Tuesday 9/10- Compound inequalities

    Wednesday 9/11- Test Review

    Thursday 9/12- Cumulative Assessment 1

    Friday 9/13- Absolute Value

    Objectves: Students will use inverse operations to solve compound and graph their solutions on a number line

    Important Test Dates: 

    Cumulative Assessment 1- September 12th

    Mixed Practice Test #2- September 20th

    Foundations of Algebra 

    Monday 9/9- Special case equations

    Tuesday 9/10- Special case equations

    Wednesday 9/11- Test Review

    Thursday 9/12- Test 2

    Friday 9/13- One-step inequalities

    Objectives: Students will use inverse operations to solve special case equations and one-step inequalities

    Important Test Dates: 

    Test 2- September 12th

    Test 3- September 20th