Monday 11/18- Linear Inequalities

    Tuesday 11/19- Linear Inequalities

    Wednesday 11/20- Test Remediation

    Thursday 11/21- Review

    Friday 11/22- 9 Weeks Assessment

    Objectves: Students will graph lines and inequalities in point slope, standard and slope intercept form.

    Important Test Dates: 

    December 19th- 9 weeks assessment

    Foundations of Algebra 

    Monday 11/18 - Test Remediation

    Tuesday 11/19- Functions

    Wednesday 11/20-  Functions

    Thursday 11/21- Review

    Friday 11/22- Test 8

    Objectives: Students will identify a function from a graph, a table, or a set.

    Important Test Dates: 

    December 6th- Test 9