Agenda/Lesson Plans



    Current Week 

    Monday 9/16/2019           

    Bellwork: Complete Annotation of Hispanic Heritage Month Article from Newsela. 

    Reading: Complete Summary of Hispanic Heritage Month Article using a graphic organizer.                                          

    Social/Beh: Create Data INB (15 minutes)

    Math: Review for Wednesday's Exam                

    Tuesday 9/17/2019           

    Today students will complete and turn in August Comprehension Week 3 for a grade.

    Complete Root Word chart for 1- 40 with the root word and meaning.

    Students may play Root Word Quizlet if time allows.

    Wednesday 9/18/2019     

    Bellwork: August Reading Comprehension Week 4 Monday (5 minutes)

    Reading: Create an image and an example for each root word.

    Social/Beh: Complete "Self-Advocacy" Survey (15 minutes)

    Math: Extended Time for District Common Assessment/Math Probe Practice (Individualized to fit student's current goal)                                                


    District Common Assessment - During Math Period

    Thursday 9/19/2019          

    Bellwork: Complete August Reading Comprehension Week 4 Tuesday (5 minutes)

    Reading: Extended Time for District Common Assessment/Reading Probe Practice (Individualized to fit student's current goal)                                                     

    History: Review History Quizlet for tomorrow's Assessment.

    Math: Math Probes to test student's knowledge (Individualized to fit student's current                                              goal)


    District Common Assessment - During English Period

    Friday 9/20/2019               

    Bellwork: Complete August Reading Comprehension Week 4 Wednesday. (5 minutes)

    Reading: Root Word 1-40 Quiz

    Social/Beh: Record Goals in INB  (15 minutes)

    Other: Extended Time for History & Science Assessment if needed; Reading Probes


    District Common Assessment - During History Period

    District Common Assessment - During Science Period

    Next Week 

    Monday 9/23/2019           

    Bellwork: August Reading Comprehension Week 4 Thursday (5 minutes)

    Reading: Root Word 1-40 Test- Edulastic 

    Social/Beh: Self-Advocacy Vocabulary (15 minutes)

    Math: The Invisible Rules of Math mini-lesson

    Tuesday 9/24/2019           

    Bellwork: August Reading Comprehension Week 4 Friday; Turn in for a grade. 

    Reading: Read and Annotate Newsela article

    Social/Beh: IEP parts (15 minutes)

    Math: Deconstructing Word Problems

    Wednesday 9/25/2019     

    Bellwork: Prefixes 1-20 Introduction/Recording

    Reading: Review and summarize Newsela article using a graphic organizer.

    Social/Beh: Exploring your IEP (15 minutes)

    Math: Deconstructing Word Problems  

    Thursday 9/26/2019         

    Bellwork: Prefixes 1-20 Matching Practice

    Reading: Newsela article quiz/Reading probes (individualized per student's goal)

    Social/Beh: IEP Scavenger Hunt (15 minutes)

    Math: Review for Wednesday's Exam  

    Friday 9/27/2019               

    Bellwork: Prefixes 1-20 Identifying in a word

    Reading: Inference Practice

    Social/Beh: IEP Scavenger Hunt (15 minutes)

    Math: Word Problems Practice