• GEOMETRY August 19-23, 2019


    • To identify special angle pairs and use their relationships to find angle measures
    • To find perimeter or circumference of basic and non-basic shapes
    • To find area of basic and non-basic shapes

    Monday- Angle Pairs

    Tuesday- continue Angle Pairs

    Wednesday- Perimeter, Area and circumference

    Thursday- continue Perimeter, Area and Circumference, REVIEW for TEST

    Friday- Unit Test #1 (Chapter 1)


    *Classwork assigned each day that is not completed in class becomes HOMEWORK!

    **Tutoring day is MONDAY after school until 4:30. 

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  • GEOMETRY August 12-16, 2019


    G-CO.1 Know precise definitions of angle, circle, perpendicular line, parallel line, and line segment, based on the undefined notions of point, line, distance along a line, and distance around a circular arc.

    G-CO.6 Use geometric descriptions of rigid motions to transform figures and to predict the effect of a given rigid motion on a given figure; given two figures, use the definition of congruence in terms of rigid motions to decide if they are congruent.

    Prepares for:

    G-GPE.4 Use coordinates to prove simple geometric theorems algebraically.

    G-GPE.7 Use coordinates to compute perimeters of polygons and areas of triangles and rectangles,

    e.g., using the distance formula. *


    Topics: Week of August 13-17, 2018

    Monday- Measuring Segments and Segmment Addition Postulate

    Tuesday- Distance and Midpoint Formulas

    Wednesday-  Angle Addition Postulate

    Thursday- Angle Pairs, Quizlet Live Review 

    Friday- Quiz on the week's lessons


    *Students will classwork/homework everyday that we do a lesson! What they do not finish in class, they can finish for HW. 

    ** Tutoring is available on Mondays after school until 4:30

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  • GEOMETRY~ August 7-9, 2019

    Image result for welcome back to school

    Weekly Objectives:

    ~Rules and Procedures


    ~Points, Lines and Planes


    Weekly Tutorial will be on MONDAY after school until 4:30. Morning tutorial is available by appointment only. 


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