• E.8.9B Students will demonstrate an understanding of natural hazards (volcanic eruptions, severe weather, earthquakes) and construct explanations for why some hazards are predictable and others are not.

    E.8.9B.1 Research and map various types of natural hazards to determine their impact on society.

    E.8.9B.2 Compare and contrast technologies that predict natural hazards to identify which types of technologies are most effective.

    E.8.9B.3 Using an engineering design process, create mechanisms to improve community resilience, which safeguard against natural hazards (e.g., building restrictions in flood or tidal zones, regional watershed management, Firewise construction)



    Are Hurricanes Predictable? 


    Catastrophic Events Centers

    Explore 1 Natural Hazards


    Catastrophic Events Centers

    Explore 1 Natural Hazards


    Are Hurricanes Predictable? 

    Gallery Walk


    Explore 1: Natural Hazards

    Explore 2: Predicting Natural Hazards

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