• Weekly Agenda/Objectives



    Monday August 19, 2019: Begin Mass and Change Lab

    Tuesday August 20, 2019: Quiz 2/Complete Mass and Change Lab

    Wednesday August 21, 2019: Complete Comparing Volume Units Lab/Begin Mass and Volume lab

    Thursday August 22, 2019: Density Discussion/ begin Mass, Volume, and Density WS

    Friday August 23, 2019: Complete Mass, Volume, and Density WS

    Tutoring Schedule

    I will be in my room available for tutoring Monday afternoons from 3:35 until 4:35 with a bus available to bring students home. 

    Remind Set-up

     I strongly encourage all parents and students to set up Remind text messages for my class. I send out reminders about quizzes and test dates well beforehand so students can prepare. I will also send review material in these messages quite often.

    To receive important
    updates, text
    @ghsis3 to 81010.