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    Graduation Information
    Please read this important Graduation Information

    Student Dress Code for Graduation:

    Males-Wear a white collared shirt and dark colored tie (no bow ties), dark slacks, dark socks, and dark dress shoes (NO sandals or tennis shoes allowed). Absolutely no jeans are allowed.

    Females-Wear a dress or a blouse and skirt, not slacks. Dresses should be white or pastel colored, and the shoes should be white, beige, tan, clear, or nude. Be sure to attach your white collar to your robe.

    You may NOT decorate your cap at all.

    If you have earned the right to wear the Honors sash (orange) or the Distinction sash (white) and wish to keep it after graduation, you may purchase your sash for $20.00.  Please see Ms. Moore on the day of your scheduled graduation session to pay for the sash.


    In case you have forgotten, you've already measured for your gown in our December meeting and those have been ordered.  If you are in any club or organization that has been approved for cords or sashes those will be ordered by your sponsors.  If you would like to give the student message at graduation please submit your name to me before the end of the day on April 21.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  I know this process is new for everyone and we are working to provide you as much information as possible.


    Graduation Letter