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    Tutoring Schedule 
     I offer tutoring Thursdays after and before school. If your student needs additional assistance, I am available any day of the week upon request. Students must request additional assistance one day in advance. 
    Objectives for the Year
    • Perception versus Reality
    • What defines success?
    • What defines the Human Experience? 


    This Week's Agenda
    Monday- BELLWORK: Grammar Practice 1.1
    - Begin PoW (paragraph of the week). Work on Monday's task. 
    - Annotate "Musee de Beaux Arts"/ Complete TPCASTT
    - Icarus packet due tomorrow 
    Tuesday- BELLWORK: Edulastic #1
    - PoW #1 task 2
    -Grammar practice 1.2 & 1.3 
    - turn in Icarus Packet
    - "Faces of Pharaoh"- analyzing art/sculpture; flash research. 
    Wednesday-BELLWORK:   Grammar Practice
    - PoW#1 task 3 (paragraph writing)
    - Continue flash research on Ramses II
    - Annotate "Ozymandius" by Percy Shelly
    - Complete Sections 3 & 4
    -Short film clip/ thematic writing
    Thursday- BELLWORK: Commonlit "Ozymandius"
    - Grammar Quiz
    - Edit PoW #1
    - Continue "Pharaoh" lesson
    - Read non-fiction/ answer questions 
    Friday - BELLWORK: Submit final PoW #1 
    • Timed Writing