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    Tutoring Schedule 
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    Objectives for the Week 
    Essential Question: How can the mob mentality influence an individual? How does fear drive human behavior? 
    I can define "hysteria", "herd mentality", "phobia" 
    I can analyze an informational text to identify the central idea
    I can analyze a text to determine how fear manipulates human behavior. 


    This Week's Agenda
    Monday- BELLWORK: Grammar practice 
    • Quick Write: how can fear affect our behaviors as humans? 
    • Online Survey of Short Stories
    • Students will read "Complexity of Fear" and answer discussion questions
    • Journal #1
    Tuesday- BELLWORK: Edulastic Practice #4 
    • Students will work in small groups to brainstorm examples of Herd Mentality found throughout history
    • Students will complete a group consensus chart- What I think/ How does my thinking relate to the group?
    • Students will view short clips associated with the Herd Mentality 
    • Read the 1960 transcript of the Twilight Zone's "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" 
    • Reflective Writing_ Journal #2 
    Wednesday-BELLWORK: IXL Diagnostic  
    • Students will complete anticipation guide 
    • TPCASST of "I am the Mob"- group analysis questions 
    • Paired Passages- students will read "Why do people follow the crowd?" and "The third wave" 
    • Writing: Students will complete a graphic organizer, outlining a potential essay topic. 
    Thursday- BELLWORK:IXL 
    • Students will revisit the Mob Mentality chart
    • Read/annotate CommonLit article on "Stanford Prison Experiment" 
    • Watch documentary clips
    • Small group discussions
    • Writing: How does fear/herd mentality play a role in the Stanford Prison Experiment? 
    Friday - BELLWORK: Timed Writing Recap Tips