• ATTENTION PARENTS: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email at katheryn.white@gulfportschools.org 
    Tutoring Schedule 
     I offer tutoring Thursdays after and before school. If your student needs additional assistance, I am available any day of the week upon request. Students must request additional assistance one day in advance. 
    Objectives for the Year
    • Perception versus Reality
    • What defines success?
    • What defines the Human Experience? 


    This Week's Agenda
    Monday- BELLWORK: Students will finalize poem annotations for "Half-Hanged Mary"
    - Begin working on analysis sheets in small groups
    - Tone discussion/ practice
    - Analysis sheets due WEDNESDAY
    Tuesday- BELLWORK: HHM Quiz
    - PoW #1 task 2
    -Grammar practice
    - HHM Questions/ Socratic Seminar
    Wednesday- Friday 
    - Students will view the Christmas film "It's a Wonderful Life"
    - Students will be presented with final portfolio to include: 
    • Structure
    • Plot Development
    • Character Development
    • Mind Mapping