Sharon Cordray
                school phone number:    228 896 7525          email:      sharon.cordray@gulfportschools.org
         1st - 2nd Block  Room 652
           3rd - 4th  Block Room 112
                                                 Learning Strategies
        The Learning Strategies class is an excellent resource for students needing additional support or remediation.  My primary goal is the success of each student in their general education classes, by teaching/reteaching comptencies, assisting in the completion of classwork/homework, and preparing them for assessments.  We will utilize computer programs to enhance learing with remediation and enrichment.
    Algebra 1 Inclusion with Ms Roussel
    A co-teaching classroom that is designed to aide in learning the required Algebra skills for graduation.
    Tutoring available on Wednesday from 3:40-4:30 in room 112.
    The tutoring bus runs on Mon., Wed., and Thur. Plan on staying as needed with your subject area teachers.
     Please check  grades often, make sure  all work is completed. Don't get behind,
    time will run out!
    Remember if you are not at school it is YOUR responsibility to make up work.
     This Week:

     Systems of Equations

     I Ready Diagnostic #2- Goal is to show growth

     Looking Ahead: 

    12/10 9th DCA 2.2

    12/11 10th DCA 2.2

    12/17-12/19 9 Weeks Final Exams - all subjects.

    12/20/19 60% day, Exam make ups