• Week: 9/16/2019 - 9/20/2019


    Beginner Band

    Monday - Learn about Whole Rest.

    Tuesday - Learn about Half Rest.

    Wednesday - Learn about Quarter Rest.

    Thursday - Learn about Eighth Rest.

    Friday - Learn about the Woodwind Family. 


    Beginner Band News: 

    All materials were due by Friday, September 6th. Contact us if you need more time to find/purchase your materials. 

    We will complete instrument testing on all of the band instruments during class, within the first two weeks of school. No worries. We are here to help.




    8th Grade Band

    Monday -  Learn "Inron Man" mm 1-16

    Tuesday - Learn "Inron Man" mm 1-16

    Wednesday - Learn "Inron Man" mm 16-24

    Thursday - Learn "Inron Man" mm 24-30

    Friday - Learn "Inron Man" mm 30 to the end


    8th Grade Band News: 

    First Football Game for the Band to Play at will be Thursday, October 3rd at GHS Track Field 

    Second Football Game for the Band to Play at will be Thursday, October 17th - at Gulfport Centeral Middle School - Milner Stadium