• Dear BVMS BAND Students and Families, 


    We want to see you continue to grow as a musician. Join the Google Classroom for your band only. 

    Zoom Log-in are in your Google Classroom.


    Schuman // 7th Grade Beginner Band // 2nd Period // 8:44 am - 9:35 am // Google Classroom Code: 5ictwqn

    Jenkins // 6th Grade Beginner Band // 3rd Period // 9:38 am - 10:29 am // Google Classroom Code: slfxzkc

    Jenkins // 8th Grade Percussion Class // 4th Period // 10:32 am - 12:12 pm // Google Classroom Code: 57dg5rl

    Schuman // 7th Grade Advanced Band // 5th Period // 12:15 pm - 1:05 pm // Google Classroom Code: r6vkmzn

    Jenkins // 6th Grade Beginner Band // 6th Period // 1:08 pm - 1:58 pm // Google Classroom Code: 64wr7zy

    Jenkins // 8th Grade Advanced Band // 7th Period // 2:01 pm - 2:51 pm // Google Classroom Code: yoxquug


    Monday: Learn whole note rhythm notation

    Tuesday: Learn quarter rest rhythm notation

    Wednesday: Learn eighth note rhythm notation

    Thursday: Learn eighth note rhythm notation

    Friday: Learn half note rhythm notation



    If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to send recordings to get feedback, please email them to us at: 

    cameron.jenkins@gulfportschools.org or susan.schuman@gulfportschools.org 






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