• Course Theme: Perception vs. Reality

    Year-long Essential Questions:

    • What defines the Human Experience?
    • What drives Human Behavior?
    • What defines Success?
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    Parents: Please answer the survey under the "Helpful Links" tab by Monday, August 19.

    Week of August 19-23, 2019

    Monday- Use artwork to analyze imagery and mood. Complete discussion questions for homework.

    Tuesday- Write a thematic statement, and cite evidence to support claims. Read and analyze a poem using TPCASTT.

    Wednesday- Grammar diagnostic.  Paragraph of the Week process.

    Thursday- "Faces of a Pharaoh" synthesis mini-project.

    Friday- Making thematic connections using "Pharaoh."  

    Next Week- Unit 1.1 test (70%)Wednesday.


    2019-20 English II Honors supply list:

    loose leaf paper, binder for class notes and handouts, pencils and pens, index cards for presentations

    bottle of hand sanitizer, OR box of tissues, OR container of disinfectant wipes, OR roll of paper towels. Please put your name on your contribution so you may receive credit.

    Nice to have, but not required:

    highlighters, crayons and/or markers, Post-it notes or tabs, personal copies of The Great Gatsby and Of Mice and Men.


  • Tutoring Schedule:

    Mondays and Wednesdays: 3:45-4:30 P.M.

    Tutoring is for everyone! Please come to discuss questions or concerns, make up work, receive clarification of an assignment or concept, complete work, or practice ACT English or Reading.

    Chromebooks available during tutoring sessions.
    Please make up tests on the Monday or Wednesday afternoon closest to your return to school from an absence to avoid zeros.
    I have duty first term, so I will not be available in the mornings until term 2. You may find me in the northwest corner of the courtyard if you need me between 8-8:20.
Mrs. Nicole Vonder Bruegge

Phone: 228-896-7525


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts, English, University of Southern Mississippi, 1995 Education Certification Courses, University of Mississippi, 1997 MS Class A Certificate English 7-12, 1995 MS Class A Certificate Social Studies 7-12, 2014 Teacher Consultant, Live Oak Writing Project, 2010 ACT Lead Teacher, 2016

Mrs. Nicole Vonder Bruegge


2019-20 begins my twenty-first year as an English teacher. I have taught grades 7 and 9-12 at both public and private middle and high schools. I am passionate about teaching English II and getting to know my students throughout the year.