• ELA 6th Grade- Team 2

    Weekly Schedule

    March 18-22, 2019



    • The students will take notes using a flipbook to determine the meaning of argumentative writing terms.   Using a SCOPE article, the students will use manipulative cards to determine each section of the argumentative writing.  The students will then use a mentor text to highlight the various components of argumentative text, using the vocabulary terms.



    • For a daily grade, the students will be given another piece of argumentative text to highlight the components independently.  After a mini-lesson on writing claim statements, the students will create their own claim statements for various topics.


    • The students will be introduced to an argumentative outline.  We will read a mentor text and fill out the outline working backwards to show the effectiveness of using an outline. The students will use one of their claim statements from yesterday’s activity to begin writing an outline for their argumentative essay.



    • Students will continue writing their argumentative essay outline.  When complete, the will elaborate on their outline to create their essay using transition words, examples, definitions, ect.



    • iReady Lessons- New Goals!

    Homework: Unit 9 Greek and Latin Affixes




    Weekly Schedule

    March 11-15, 2019


    Exam Week: No Homework, except study past resources in Google Classroom.



    • The students will complete a standards mastery assignment in iReady.


    • The students will review for their 3rd quarter exam using various resources such as quizziz, goformative, quizlet, and Edpuzzle.



    • Students will take their 3 quarter exam today. (70%)

    • iReady lessons due today! (70%)



    • Students will make up any work due for this nine week period.