English 3 Class with Mrs. Batson is the BEST!

English 3- HHS

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    September 19-23 in Mrs. Batson’s English III 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Block Classes

    Essential questions: What are the causes and effects of a tragedy? How can we read and digest information critically? What is the value of solid, credible, and valid sources? How does an author craft a text to convey information both explicitly and implicitly?

    Monday, September 19 

    1. BR; semicolon blooket 

    2. AS: finish ch. 12-15 (2nd: listen to ch. 14-15) reading log 

    3. complete vocabulary for ch. 16-19

    4. listen to/ read chap. 16-17

    5. answer questions

    6. closure: discuss police issues

    I can determine how events develop in the novel. 

    Tuesday, September 20 

    1. BR: commas blooket 

    2. AS: discuss chap. 16-17/ review 

    3. read/ listen to chap. 18-19 

    4. answer questions 

    5. write journal prompt 

    6. Closure: discuss depression in teens 

    I can discuss the issue of depression in teenagers.  

    Wednesday, September 21 

    1. BR/AS: edulastic 

    2. take 9 weeks test 

    3. correct missed questions 

    4. finish missing assignments 

    5. Closure: correct missed questions on test

    I can make an 80 or higher on the nine weeks exam. 

    Thursday, September 22 

    1. BR: apostrophe blooket 

    2. AS: review part one of columbine

    3. listen to ch. 20-21

    4. answer questions on reading log 

    5. Closure: watch Sue Klebold TED Talk (1st half)

    I can cite text evidence by answering questions about the novel.   

    Friday, September 23 

    1. BR: grammar review blooket     

    2. AS: finish Sue Klebold TED talk 

    3. listen to chap. 22-23

    4. finish reading log 

    5. closure: write journal prompt 

    I can cite text evidence by answering questions about the novel.