English 4 is awesome!

HHS English 4

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    January 30-February 3 in Mrs. Batson’s English IV 2nd Block Class

    Essential questions: How do I write my life story in personal narratives? What do we know about our future career choices? What types of preparation must you complete to achieve your goals? What personal goals must you set for yourself? What educational requirements must you meet, and how long will it take you to meet them? What resources will you need? What are the daily demands of your career choice? What possible obstacles can you foresee?

    Monday, January 30

    1. BR: none

    2. AS: sample essays from thisibelieve.org

    3. draft and edit I Believe essays

    4. EF: work on choice essays 

    5. closure- peer edit I Believe essays 

    I can write a personal narrative: I Believe.  

    Tuesday, January 31 

    1. BR: ACT English practice #3  

    2. AS: career research paper and presentation overview 

    3. career survey 

    4. discuss template and research websites (bls.gov) 

    5. begin researching 

    6. Closure: share results of survey with teacher/ discuss with group   

    I can take a career survey.  I can research my future career plans. 

    Wednesday, February 1 

    1. BR: ACT English group work and review for DCA 

    2. AS:: navigating and citing BLS website 

    3. research career paper

    4. write paragraphs one and two 

    5. begin planning interview

    6. Closure:: peer edit paragraphs one and two at tables- report to teacher    

    I can research and write about my future career plans.  

    Thursday, February 

    1. BR/AS: none/ electronics against wall 

    2.  take ACT DCA (45 minutes) 

    3. work on missing assignment or assignments or future essays 

    4. Closure- discuss missing assignments 

    I can make a 20 or higher on a DCA.  

    Friday, February 3 

    1. BR:  ACT workkeys  

    2. AS:  college websites - how to find information and cite info 

    3. research and write paragraphs 3 and 4 of career research essay 

    4. closure:  peer edit 

    I can research and write about my future career plans.