HHS English 4

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    April 29- May 3 in Mrs. Batson’s English IV 2nd Block Class

    Essential questions: What do I know about myself? How does poverty play a pivotal role in the lives of the people in the book? Are poverty and justice able to exist together? How does this book challenge your beliefs on the following topics: the criminal justice system, capital punishment, legal representation, poverty, race, mental and intellectual disabilities, women, and/or juvenile offenders?

    Monday,  April 29 

    1. BR: commas review 

    2. AS:  discussion question 

    3. start chapter seven 

    4. answer analysis and comp questions 

    5. closure: making connections 

    I can determine how the evidence in the novel has changed. (Chapter Seven- Just Mercy)    

    Tuesday, April 30 

    1. MPT #14 

    2. AS: commas review 

    3. BR: discussion question 

    4. read chap. 9  

    5. answer comprehension questions

    6. closure: historical connections  

    I can understand Walter’s trial and analyze the central ideas. (Chapter Nine- Just Mercy)  

    Wednesday, May 1   

    1. BR: commas review 

    2. AS:  discussion question 

    3. finish chapter nine, if needed 

    4. start chap. 11 

    5. answer comprehension questions 

    6. closure: exit question  

    I can determine the central ideas of chapter 11 (Just Mercy).  

    Thursday, May 2  

    1. BR: commas review 

    2. AS: discussion question 

    3. finish chap. 11, if needed 

    4. read/ listen to chapter 13

    5. answer comprehension and analysis questions 

    6. closure:  Exit question

    I can analyze Walter’s recovery after his release (chapter 13- Just Mercy).   

    Friday, May 3 

    1. BR: commas review  

    2. AS: senior book checklist/ rubric   

    3. work on missing essays 

    4. bucket list


    6. work on senior books 

    7. closure:  peer edit  

    I can compile my senior book.     

    April 29: National Shrimp Scampi Day, National Zipper Day, National Peace Rose Day, 

    April 30: National Bubble Tea Day, National Prepareathon! Day, National Military Brats Day, National Picnic Day, National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, National Sarcoidosis Day, National Raisin Day, National Oatmeal Cookie Day, National Hairstylist Appreciation Day, National Bugs Bunny Day, National Honesty Day   

    May 1: School Principals’ Day, Law Day, May Day, Silver Star Service Banner Day, National Chocolate Parfait Day, National Mother Goose Day, National Loyalty Day  

    May 2: National Life Insurance Day, National Truffle Day 

    May 3: National Montana Day, National Textiles Day, National SAN Architect Day, National Raspberry Popover Day, National Chocolate Custard Day, National Paranormal Day, National Two Different Colored Shoes Day, National Specially-Abled Pets Day, National Garden Medidation Day, National Lumpy Rug Day