English 4 is awesome!

HHS English 4

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    May 2-10 in Mrs. Batson’s HHS English IV Class (2nd) 

    Essential questions: How can you use your voice to promote and advance social justice?  How is a cycle of hate created and perpetuated? How can it be stopped? How does education help not only an individual, but a society? How can it be used as a tool to fight oppression? What defines a family? How and when should an individual speak out against injustice? How does silence allow social injustices to occur?

    Monday, May 2 

    1. BR:  Making It Possessive google form 
    2. AS: review chaps. 1-15/ review senior books rubric 
    3. finish reading journal for ch. 12-15
    4. finish essays 
    5. work on scrapbooks 
    6. closure: scrapbook due date reminder 

    I can cite text evidence.  

    Tuesday, May 3 

    1. BR: identifying comma splices google form 
    2. AS:  chap 16-26 reading journal 
    3. listen to chap. 16-17
    4. complete reading journal questions 
    5. work on scrapbooks 
    6. closure:  answer questions in rj 

    I can cite text evidence.   

    Wednesday, May 4 

    BR:  fixing fragments and run on g. form 
    1. AS: :review questions from chap. 16-17
    2. listen to chap. 17-18 
    3. start chap. 19
    4. work on scrapbook 
    5. closure:  answer reading journal questions 

    I can cite text evidence. 

    Thursday, May 5 

    1. BR:   finding and fixing punctuation errors 
    2. AS: review questions from chap. 17-18
    3. listen to chaps. 19-21
    4. work on scrapbooks 
    5. Closure-   answer questions from the chaps.  

    I can cite text evidence.  

    Friday, May 6 

    1. BR:  comma review google form 
    2. AS:  review questions for chap. 19-21
    3. listen to chap. 22-26
    4. finish reading journal 
    5. work on scrapbooks 
    6. closure: ziplet 

    I can cite text evidence.  

    Monday, May 9 

    1. BR: any missing bellwork assignments
    2. AS: finish The Hate U Give if needed
    3. finish reading journal if needed 
    4. work on scrapbook 
    5. work on missing assignments
    6. watch graduation speeches  
    7. Closure: review scrapbook rubric 

    I can complete the senior scrapbook.  

    Tuesday, May 10 

    1. BR: any missing bellwork 
    2. AS: review scrapbook rubric 
    3. finish scrapbooks
    4. work on missing assignments 
    5. watch graduation speeches 
    6. Closure: write your fave quote from a graduation speech 

    I can complete the senior scrapbook.