English 4 is awesome!

HHS English 4

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    May 1-5  in Mrs. Batson’s English IV 2nd Block Class

    Essential questions: How can I write my life story in personal narratives? What does it mean to be merciful? Who is in need of mercy? How can we apply mercy to systems and institutions in our society in order to make them more just? When should we implement grace and give redemption? 

    Monday, May 1  

    1. BR: MUG #13

    2. AS: review senior book checklist and due dates 

    3. create bucket list 

    4. create quotes page 

    5. work on missing assignments 

    6. print essays 

    7. closure: peer edit essays and bucket list- check checklist 

    I can create a bucket list, finish missing assignments, and edit essays.  

    Tuesday, May 2 

    1. BR: MUG #14 (editing) 

    2. AS: review Just Mercy chap. 1-7 

    3. read/ listen to chap. 8 

    4. answer reading log questions 

    5. closure: discuss the effect these life experiences had on the children’s outcomes  

    I can analyze the theme from the text.  .  

    Wednesday, May 3 

    1. BR: MUG #15

    2. AS: discuss the children from the chapter yesterday 

    3. finish chap. 8

    4. finish reading log

    5. write an analytical paragraph 

    6. start chap. 9 

    7. closure: chap. 8 vocab 

    I can analyze the theme from the text.   

    Thursday, May 4 

    1. BR: MUG #16

    2. AS: Walter’s interview on 60 Minutes 

    3. read/listen to chap. 9

    4. answer chap. 9 questions 

    5. Closure: evaluate Walter’s trial  

    I can use text evidence to determine facts from Walter’s trial.  

    Friday, May 5 

    1.  Finish chap. 9 if needed

    2. edit and print graded essays 

    3. create a table of contents

    4. create bucket list 

    5. work on scrapbooks and binders  

    6. closure: check senior checklist to see progress 

    I can edit and print essays and work on my senior book project.