English 4 is awesome!

HHS English 4

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    July 26-30 in Mrs. Batson’s English IV Class…..

    Essential questions: What are the class expectations? What rules should I know in order to excel on the ACT English and Reading? Why is public speaking important? 

    Monday, July 26

    1. BR: Are you a grammar guru? quiz- nearpod
    2. AS: student info form
    3. handbook overview (assigned pages) 
    4. ACT English packet pages 1-7
    5. google classroom overview 
    6. Closure: class expectations quiz (kahoot) 

    I can understand how the English ACT is formatted. 

    Tuesday, July 27

    1. BR: Think about It Thursday  
    2. AS:  intro to public speaking pre-test; discussion: why don’t we like public speaking? 
    3. overview of introduction speech assignment 
    4. watch first TED talk/ take notes  
    5. closure: (TPS) What did you learn from the TED talk? 

    I can determine what makes a speaker effective.. 

    Wednesday, July 28

    1. BR: review ACT English rules/ take quiz
    2. AS:  review “How To Speak So That People Want to Listen”
    3. watch Amy Cuddy TED talk and take notes
    4. watch Chris Emdin’s TED talk and take notes  
    5. Closure Exit Card: What is one way you can make yourself feel more confident?  

    I can describe how my nonverbals impact long and short term behavior.  

    Thursday, July 29

    1. BR: Think about it Thursday: commonly confused words 
    2. AS: intro speech expectations/ review TED talks/ When might we have to speak to a crowd? 
    3. watch final TED talk and take notes
    4. complete TED packet 
    5. review rubric/ outline: intro speeches
    6. work on speech (due Monday) 
    7. Closure- Think, Pair, Share

     I can describe the characteristics of effective speech structures.  

    Friday, July 30 

    1. BR: Reading ACT overview and quiz 
    2. AS: What to do/ What not to do when public speaking (student charades) 
    3. work on outline for introduction speeches
    4. begin practicing introduction speeches 
    5. closure: tell your table partner about your speech-- 

    I can prepare an introduction speech.