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  • GHSUnit of Study: Relationships Between Two Variables

    Assessments & Assignments:  The Stats In Me Project due Friday 3/17, grades due Friday 3/17

    Deadlines and Reminders: 9th Week Assessment on 3/14

    Contact Information: treasure.barnes@gulfportschools.org  

    Objectives for the Week: 

    1. Students will be able to use percentiles and standardized scores to compare the location of values in different distributions. 

    2. Students will be able to determine if there’s an association between two categorical variables and display relationships on segmented bar charts. 

    3. Students will be able to make a scatter plot to display the relationship between two quantitative variables.

    4. Students will be able to describe the direction, form, and strength of a relationship displayed in a scatter plot, and identify outliers.